For Events in Beverly Hills and Malibu, Taco Catering Cuts It

They’ve traveled far from street fare to Hollywood’s elite, but the essential nature of tacos is why the tortilla and its fillings have achieved star status.


Tacos are not just an LA thing. Tacos are turning up on five-star restaurant and private club menus across the country – and are being welcomed with open hands to hold them. But while it’s been a long trip from the $1 tacos sold for decades to workers lucky enough to be near a taco cart – think East Los Angeles, Maywood, and Walnut Park – in fact there’s a taco for almost every taste and every price from taco cart catering companies. Including in the Hollywood Hills.


A Four Seasons resort and club in Dallas unveiled a prix fixe menu in 2015 that included three tacos and a cocktail – for $100. Justifying the price were Japanese wagyu, Maine lobster, Hudson Valley foie gras, micro cilantro, truffle bearnaise sauce and duck confit filling out those tasty tacos. The margarita is reportedly up to the task of complementing the food (it includes an edible gold leaf). Beverly Hills taco catering hardly seems a foreign concept by comparison.


Closer to home, the excellent LA Weekly food writer Sarah Bennett wrote about an upscale taqueria in the Arts District where tacos were more reasonably priced at $6 each, but disappointingly small in size even if pleasingly tasty. She decries how there seems to be a leap from $1 (more recently, $1.25) tacos that Angeleños adore and these newer versions that might be made with grass-fed beef and heirloom blue-corn tortillas. 


Where is the middle class taco?, she asks, concluding they do exist for the intrepid restaurant/taqueria explorer. Still, it’s clear the once-lowly taco has risen to gourmet status – such as with Malibu taco catering events.


Taco caterers serving Southern California – think Beverly Hills, Malibu, Bel Air, La Jolla, Pacific Palisades, etc. – have found wild popularity in the toniest of parties for reasons that include taste and versatility. It helps that mobile taco catering is uniquely suited for the outdoor climate as well. Those carts can carry, cook, and serve made-to-order tacos to event guests where kitchen-based catering cannot. If a vehicle can tow the cart there, it’s a party place.


Those go-everywhere taco cart caterers might also be exceptionally popular in Los Angeles because they are easy to serve on location for the entertainment sector. From stars to extras and directors to grips, the universal popularity of the food and its ultimately democratically nature seem to bridge all strata of society. 


Planning an event of any kind- a wedding, bar and bas mitzvah, graduations, anniversaries, business events – begins with talking through the mix of attendees and budget. Chances are the caterer will be able to devise a menu to satisfy all tastes and dietary restrictions.


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