Expensive Ways to Pamper Cats

Expensive Ways to Pamper Cats

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  1. catsIt might be your cat’s birthday or Christmas time and you’re looking for a special way to spoil your pet. When the wealthy pamper their cats, it takes on a whole new level of spoiling for cats.

    Automatic Litter Boxes

    If you’re looking for luxury, start with the thing your cat uses most: the litter box. Products like the Cat Genie and the Littermaid are great examples of pricey litter boxes that will leave your cat with a fresh litter box after using it each time. One litter box for each cat or enough to always ensure there is no wait to use the litter box is the way to truly spoil your cat like a king or queen. Price Range: $150 to $400

    Skyscraper Design Scratching Posts

    While your cat will appreciate the height of skyscraper scratching posts, the designer factor is more for the aesthetic appeal, though it may also offer more exciting and creative hidey holes for the cat to enjoy. Popular luxury scratching posts include ones made with quality carpet shaped like an actual high-rise building and one shaped like a tree you might see in an African Savanna. Price Range: $500 to $1,000 or higher.

    cat scratching postcat scratching post

    Cattery with Indoor Plants

    The cattery of wealthy cats never is just a simple wood and chicken wire construction project – it includes all of the fancy luxuries afforded indoors that you might expect from a hotel. The outdoor air in the cattery is filtered and the glass ceilings make it more of a greenhouse view. Include an indoor garden with fresh cat grass and catnip as well as fountains and skyscraper scratching posts for your cat to have a truly luxury experience. Price range can vary based on the project, but a fancy cattery complete with fountains, plumbing, and glass enclosure with vents can go well over $10,000.

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