Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

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  1. Have you ever heard the saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul?”   Your eyes are the first feature many people will notice.  Make your green eyes stand out with some simple eyeshadow application tricks and ideas.

    Gold and brown work for day or nighttime elegance

    For all skin and hair colors, gold and brown eyeshadow colors will offer you a muted look perfect for the workplace.  Remember to use a light hand for daytime application; a heavy hand works better for the dramatic nighttime eye.

    First, choose a light taupe or golden eyeshadow and apply all over your lid. Next, use a chocolate brown eyeshadow for the highlight. Take a contoured eye brush and using a light hand, apply the shade in the crease of your eye, extending slightly past the bone. Finally, apply a light golden eyeshadow to the brow bone, underneath the eyebrows. Blend with a large bristled makeup brush. Finish the look with a coat of brown mascara.

    Take your look from the office to dinner by adding some dark brown eyeliner and shimmery eyeshadow.  Draw a line along your lashes from the inner to outer corner of your eye and smudge. Instead of light gold, choose a darker shade of gold with some shimmer and apply along the brown bone. Finish with gold or black mascara on your upper and lower lashes for a dramatic finish.

    Green works great for red heads

    If you have red hair and fair skin, experiment with different shades of green to really make your eyes “pop”.  For about $8.00, Almay intense i-color eyeshadow offers palates in complimentary eyeshadow colors to take the guesswork out of makeup application. Use the lightest green eyeshadow in the palate all over your lid. Blend the darker green eyeshadow into the crease of your eye for fantastic definition and depth.  Finish with the purple shade as a highlight; blend the shade on the outer corner of your eyelid for an extra burst of color.

    For a dramatic evening look, line your upper and lower lashes with a plumy colored liner. For a daring look, extend the liner past your outer lashes onto the brow bone and blend upward. Finish the look with purple, gold, or black mascara on your upper and lower lashes to make your green eyes shine.

    Purple and pink work well with blond hair

    Blond haired, green-eyed women look wonderful in shades of pink and purple. Using hints of red really brightens and enhances your green eyes. Apply a medium shade of pink eyeshadow all over your lid, and blend a slightly darker shade into the crease. Highlight your eyes with a light pink eyeshadow on your brow bone. CoverGirl exact eyelights shadows contain four customized shades to accentuate green eyes. The price for the entire set (eye shadow, liner and mascara) is around $25.00.

    Add some flair to your evening look with CoverGirl vivid ruby liner and mascara. Line upper and lower lashes with eyeliner, smudging at the corners of your eyes. Finish with two coats of vivid ruby mascara and your green eyes will radiate light from within.

    Tips for making green eyes stand out

    Prevent your eyeshadow from creasing or fading by applying some concealer or foundation to your eyelid before application. Dust on some loose powder after applying your eye to set your makeup in place. 

    Use matte eyeshadow colors to provide a flat finish that pairs well with dramatic lips; frost eyeshadow colors will create a more “open” look for your green eyes.

    Using your eyeshadow as liner creates a softer look that is nice for daytime eyes. Dip your eyeliner brush in water before applying shadow for a sophisticated, nighttime look.

    Make your green eyes sparkle by placing a dot of white eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes. The white shadow really brings out the green color.

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