Facts about Basset Hound Dogs

Facts about Basset Hound Dogs

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  1. Basset hound dogs are some of the greatest dogs in the world for families.  Their attitude coupled with their desire to please is something that is very desirable for owners.  Basset hound dogs are pack dogs; they are easily influenced and are affectionate and friendly.  Basset hounds and children are the best combination, as they are never moody, harsh and are very aware of how heavy they truly are.

    Basset Hound Dog History

    The history of the basset hound is a direct decent from the bloodhound.  These dogs have a nose that is outstanding and while that can get them in trouble sometimes, it is their best feature.  Basset Hound comes from the French word bas, which means low and these dogs are generally low to the ground.

    Basset Hound Dog Appearance

    The appearance of basset hound dogs are that they are low to the ground, have a large and rounded skull.  The muzzle is deep and very heavy and they have brown, soft eyes.  Their ears are generally large and set extremely low and constantly hang toward the ground.  These dogs have very full hindquarters and overall they are full and round.  Basset hound dogs are short-haired and any basset hound mix breeds typically adopt the short-hair and sweet nature. 

    Basset Hound Dog Temperament

    The overall temperament of basset hounds with children is sweet natured and friendly.  These dogs are the ideal dogs for family settings; however they can be stubborn too.  These are not dogs for meek owners; they need a very confident and firm owner who displays natural authority so that the basset hound dogs know their owner.

    Training a Basset Hound Dog

    Basset hound dogs are difficult to train, as they are stubborn, however with positive reinforcement as well as patience, you should be able to train your hound dog or basset hound mix breeds in no time at all.  Hound dog breeds are generally obedient, but do have to constantly be reminded of the rules, especially when they pick up a scent and let their noses carry them away.

    Basset Hound Dog Energy Level

    The energy level of a basset hound is very good.  Their stamina is incredible and need to be walked often.  These are not dogs that should be overweight, for they are so low to the ground and their legs are so small, it can cause hip problems if the dog becomes overweight.

    Basset Hound Dog Puppies

    There are many ways to get puppies of basset hounds that are AKC certified.  Learning how to get puppies that are AKC certified is simple, look for a breeder that offers pure-bred basset hound dogs and understands the need for papers, especially if the dog is going to be a show dog.

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