Fake It To Make It

Fake It To Make It

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  1. In life, there are an abundant amount of things we can fake, no matter what the circumstances or reason may be: Careers, Money, Sex, Educational Background, Relationships,… Yes! people I said it. People of today really can fake relationships. About a week ago, whilst discussing this topic with a friend at Brueggers, (A very delicious cafe that sells the BEST of the BEST when it comes to bagels and other baked delights. Dozens of these places are included in all of the Inland Empire, including Riverside), she began to rant on the fact of people faking love and happiness in relationships… Kiley stated, "It’s a shame that people in the world of dating, are now beginning to fake love and happiness in relationships just to avoid the inevitable possibility of Ever being a single person in a big city."

    Whilst participating in the land of dating and romance, do people actually fake love and happiness to avoid entering ‘Single-Ville’ and being able to willingly accept the fact that they are shallow and inconsiderate human beings? Is it ever right to fake your way in a relationship???

    Faking should be allowed in only certain circumstances like, okay, you pretend to have a bad cold just so you can get some time off from work, or, you go ahead and fake an orgasm in bed with your partner because of the fact that they couldn’t get you to that certain point so in the end you go ahead and polish yourself off, but being with somebody that you aren’t even physically or sexually attracted to just to avoid being single?… Is completely hitting below the belt.

    Word of advice? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a single citizen in America. Being single isn’t like being sentenced to life in prison with no chance in parole. Being single is apart of life. Learn to stop treating being in a relationship like it’s a 5 star restaurant that you’ve been trying to be seated at for weeks. If you ever happen to be single, take the time to work on yourself and get to know you and wait for the right and REAL person to come along. Tell yourself that you aren’t going to accept any Oscar-winning fakes and that you yourself won’t be a fake just to avoid being single. People in relationships and single people aren’t foreign countries fighting against each other in a cold war… At the end of the day when you narrow it down, everyone is just human; And every human has flaws and makes mistakes, every human only pulls out the fake act… when it’s Necessary!

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