Family-Friendly Things to Do in Dublin, Ireland

Family-Friendly Things to Do in Dublin, Ireland

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  1. If you’re heading to Dublin, Ireland for a family vacation, your best bet is to plan on taking transportation to view popular locations in Dublin. There are a lot of great historical places that the kids will enjoy hearing stories about.

    Dublin Bay & Castle Tour

    The seaside town of Malahide is right near Dublin and has many historic wonders of Ireland, including a gorgeous castle. You can enjoy a wonderful tour of the castle and hear about the history and even interesting stories that will have the whole family talking about it the rest of the trip. It’s pretty inexpensive at under $40, including the transportation.

    Dublin Ghost Bus

    Remember the vampire classic “Dracula” by Bram Stoker? Give the whole family a chance to see the origin of the author while hearing a live storytelling on a bus ride. This is also a reasonably short trip, lasting only about 2 hours and 30 minutes and is under $40 per person for the ride, tour, and entertainment.

    Bunratty Castle Banquet

    If you have daughters in your group, they’ll love the beautiful gowns worn by Irish maidens in this medieval times-style banquet at Bunratty Castle. The banquet includes a 5-course meal in the Freat Hall as well as entertainment from the lovely Irish ladies hat sing and dance to entertain you as you dine.
    Don’t underestimate the power of magic and history throughout the emerald green hills of Dublin, Ireland.

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