Fashion Careers

Fashion Careers

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  1. Lights flashing, the gorgeous models stride down the run way in their glamorous makeup, beautiful attire, and sassy attitudes. Their long, thin bodies sashay before heading backstage to strip off their clothes as fast as possible, and aided by others, get dressed for the next set. In the front row along the runway, and eager journalist scribbles on her notebook and snaps photos with her professional camera. From across the aisle, a lovely woman nods at the passing models in approval of their attire. Each of these – the model, the fashion writer, and the designer – have a vital role to play in the fashion industry. Take even one of them away, and fashion just couldn’t be the same. 

    Do you want to lend your stylish talent to the fashion world? No matter what your specific skills, there’s a place for you, maybe even on the runway! But do not think that runway models are the only fashionistas out there. It takes so many different people and jobs to run the fashion world, that no matter which venue you choose, there is a place for you. Here are the top fashion careers in the industry today.

    Fashion Photographer

    Let’s start with the fashion photographer. This is the highly skilled professional who is hired by not only fashion houses, but also magazines and catalog companies to lend his or her creative hand to the photography process. The fashion photographer is paid to take gorgeous pictures, whether it be on the runway or in a studio. Either way, a creative mind is a must. The professional has a great start with beautiful models, but it is his job to capture an image which will inspire awe, and in the case of catalogs and advertising print, to make the consumer want whatever it is the photographer takes pictures of.

    Fashion Illustrator

    Fashion illustrators are the highly imaginative and fashion-savvy individuals who draw the "blueprints" for new outfits. They need a steady hand and open mind to find the next big thing that will hit the runways. Fashion illustrators work closely with designers to materialize what, at first, only the illustrator can see in his mind. After the creation has materialized, the fashion illustrator can finally get a glimpse of the beauty that is his masterpiece.

    Fashion Stylist

    Models may be beautiful, but without a fashion stylist, models would be absolutely lost. Fashion stylists scout photo shoot locations, get the models ready by styling their hair and applying makeup, and dress the models as well as set the mood of the photo shoot with props and accessories. Fashion stylists are often the second mind of the photographer, helping to get the best photographs and looks.

    Fashion Models

    The most seen individual in the fashion world is the model. The model is dressed, primped, and polished, but after that, it is the model’s job to make the clothes look good, to impress consumers, and to tell merchandise. Models often take acting and modeling classes to prepare for a rigorous career, and always keep their bodies in the best shape possible. 

    Personal Stylist

    On the consumer side of fashion, there is also the personal stylist, an individual with a flair for fashion and an outgoing personality, who is hired to help spice up a person’s wardrobe and accessories. Personal stylists work with their clients to achieve the best look for that person, including hair, makeup, and clothing. 

    Boutique Owner

    Boutique owners help with this as well, keeping their customers informed about the latest trends, best hair and makeup, and giving any fashion advice requested. Boutique owners often carry clothing, makeup, or own a hair salon, and use their love of fashion to make a profit while helping others to look and feel their best.

    Which one to choose?

    There are so many fields to choose within the fashion career! How do you know which is right for you? Outgoing, confident individuals with a high drive for making a profit can do very well in consumer-based fashion careers, such as personal stylist, fashion stylist, or boutique owner. Beautiful, dedicated people can succeed with modeling, and creative, innovative personalities can find success in design, photography, or illustrating. No matter which is right for you personally, go for it with everything you have. The first start to success in the fashion world is confidence. After you have that part down, determination, skill, and drive can carry you through the rest.

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