Film: Getting Started

Film: Getting Started

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  1. You’re just getting your feet wet – attending screening events, renting movies of all types, going to film fundraisers, and joining local film associations. It’s all a little confusing but you’re learning so much. You want to begin some projects – write a short screenplay and maybe film it. Possibly enter it in some film festivals. But where to begin?

    One of the very best ways to break into the film business is to team up with someone else, maybe someone with comparable goals but different strengths.  Maybe you’re a good writer and he has a camera. Maybe you are very organized but he is very creative.  The possibilities are endless if two people with similar goals work on project together.  

    Your first thought may be that you just can’t work with someone else. You picture yourself the lone artist making it big as a director, producer, or screenwriter.  You don’t want to worry about another opinion, another point of view, or any type of criticism.  Why in the world would you want to work with someone else?

    Stop. Think about it. Work with someone else and your resources would double. Your ideas would more than double because you would be feeding off of someone else – you would have to stay on your toes because your partner would always be on your back or, even worse, get ahead of you. Or maybe have better ideas than yours. Can’t have that now, can you?  Gotta keep moving forward. 

    Working with a partner would keep you on track. This person doesn’t have to be your best friend and it’s probably better if he’s not.   Treat your partnership like a business and use it to both of your advantages. If you decide you want to go it alone later, that is up to you but having someone next to you that helps you every step of the way and the reverse, can make the journey that much more fun. 

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