Financial Benefits with Social Security Insurance

Financial Benefits with Social Security Insurance

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    Financial Benefits with Social Security Insurance


    Social security provides us with the benefits we have worked our entire lives to achieve! So why should we see these benefits as a financial investment? The response is easy, social security is what pays you when you become to disabled to work. Social security pays you when you’re too old to become employed. Social security even pays you when your children are too disabled to become employed. So why not believe that social security is a financial investment? Without working with a legal tax id number or social security number, no one will be able to draw benefits! After employed a certain amount of years, you may become eligible to draw social security when you need it and not only when you become retired.


    Application Process


    The social security system even pays you when you become partially disabled for at least one year as noted by a licensed physician. If you’re a widow, or were prior married to someone who has passed, then you’re eligible for their social security benefits! Few people realize this and become financially disturbed as the result of a divorce. Your benefits do not stop; they keep paying you even when you become divorced. Let’s take for example that your former spouse remarried but you never married again. Your 52 years young, on partial permanent disability, and cannot return to work. You’re going to need some form of financial security, if you have not attained a certain amount of work credits/quarters social security will not pay you a single dime. What will you do now? Without having a backup plan and knowing the requirements to draw income from a former spouses social security plan, you will surely go broke and be without a home, clothes, or food for that matter! Fear no longer, I’m about to share with you the simple requirements to draw from your former, remarried, or deceased spouse!


    How to file a claim

    You may proceed by filing a request to draw their social security benefits thru social security department. If still living, your ex will be notified that you are legally proceeding with a process to draw on their social security benefits.  The requirements are simple!

    A. The past/current worker is entitled to retirement or disability insurance benefits
    B. Completed application for divorced spouse’s benefits
    C. Not entitled to a retirement/disability insurance benefits based on primary insurance figures which is the same or exceeds one-half the worker’s primary insurance amount
    D. You are age 62 or over; (This is where you would qualify based on your disability)
    E. You are not married; and
    F. You were married to the worker for 10 years before the date the divorce became final.
    G. Average wait time for social security approval is 9-12 months with retroactive pay once approved

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