Financially Concerned Parent With Disabled Children

Financially Concerned Parent With Disabled Children

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    Have you ever wondered how you’re going to financially support yourself and your children if they are either born or become too disabled to work? Your answers are here, feel free to read on. The Federal Government developed a system by which parents or legal custodian of disabled children may continue to survive financially. Chances are that if your child is disabled, they will be residing in your home for the rest of their lives! You will need to know the system as soon as possible so that you’re able to stay abreast of the financial politics behind drawing social security disability for your child who is too disabled to work. Keep in mind that you may still work and make as much money as you want, the child’s disability checks do not change simply because you want or need to be employed!

    Drawing financial support


    As long as the disability check is in your child’s name and social security number, you personally can make any amount of money and not stand to lose the monthly disability check. In rare occasions, the disability check can be revoked when your child goes or returns to work and makes what is known as a reasonable recovery. Even in this case, they would need to make a certain amount of money to have the disability check even reduced much less taken away so do not be concerned at this time. The social security disability department setup a system where you will continue to receive benefits until your child falls below one of the following areas:

    • When your child’s health has not improved, or if the disability still keeps the child from working, they will continue to receive social security monetary benefits as long as their health permits them too.
    • If improvement is anticipated with your child’s health, your first review generally occurs in 6 to 18 months after the date they became disabled, to ensure they are too disabled to return to work. The process is designed to monitor your child’s recovery and if they are ever going to be able to return to work.
    •  If improvement is possible, but cannot be estimated at the time of social security award, the child’s case will be reviewed about once every three years to determine any changes in the disabling conditions. Chances are, if they are healthy to return to work, the parent will inform social security of the child’s intensions. Social security will then provide a trail work period to determine if the child has recovered if not, they will continue receiving disability pay.
    • If improvement is not anticipated, the child’s disability case will be reviewed once every seven years from the time they were awarded the disability without concern for continued harassment from the government.


    Important facts


    Social Security SSA Publication No. 05-10095, provides literature for more cash benefits should your child be able to work again, for example:

    1. Continued cash benefits for a period while the child is employed
    2. Continued Medicare or Medicaid while they are substantially employed
    3. Help with education; training and rehabilitation to become substantially employed

    As the child’s parent, you may register them for a trial work period to determine if they have fully recovered and still be able to retain the financial support. After the trial work period, the child would have an estimated 36 months during which he or she can work and still receive benefits for any month their earnings are not “substantial.” In 2011, earnings over $1,000 ($1,640 if they are blind) are considered substantial and this rate will continue to rise in the months to come to benefit the disabled financially and support their decisions in attempting to return to work.

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