Five Things To Look For In Teen Drug Abuse

Five Things To Look For In Teen Drug Abuse

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  1. Teens drug abuse is a problem that needs addressing with many children. Children can buy drugs from students at school, on the school bus and on the streets in their own neighborhood.  It is a frightening when a parent finds out their child is doing drugs. What is even worse is receiving a telephone call in the middle of the night. Finding out your teen was involved in a wreck due to drug use.

    These five things to look for in teen drug abuse are very important in protecting your child from hurting themselves and others. Drug abuse is a serious problem and needs dealing with as soon as you know its happening. Provide help to your teen by talking and letting them know your views on drug abuse. Tell them how it can affect them and the ones they love.

    Many parents are unaware that their teen is abusing drugs. However, there are signs to look for that will hint if your teen is on drugs.

    1. Your teen withdraws from friends and family activities. If your teen usually hangs with friends and family and suddenly stops. There is cause for concern.
    2. Suddenly starts arguments unexpectedly and with no notice.  If your teen is easy to get along with and then suddenly creates a scene just so he or she can argue and leave home. This is a major red flag and worth looking into.
    3. Money starts to disappear from your purse or wallet. When you discover missing money, you know you had in your possession and there is no explanation for its disappearance.  There may be a problem. Teens and adults will steal money for their next fix.
    4. Your teen starts to be rude to their siblings. They are afraid of discovery by siblings. They will be rude and disrespectful just to push them away. At times violence may even play a part. Hitting, shoving and throwing of objects are ways the teen will act out.
    5. Appetite seems to have disappeared. A teen that usually eats well and suddenly stops. Parents may notice weight loss which is a huge red flag that there is a real problem going on.


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