1. The holiday season is a great time to gather friends together for a fondue party. Invite some friends over, grab your fondue pot, and forks and get ready for some fun! There are many types of fondue to choose from like cheese fondue recipes and chocolate fondue recipes that include variations. Don’t forget about the items to dip like bread chunks, vegetables, fruit and cake!

    Chocolate Fondue Recipe

    What you need

    • 16 ounces dark, sweet or semi-sweet chocolate
    • 1 1/2 cups light cream
    • 1 tsp. Vanilla extract

    How to prepare

    Break chocolate squares and put into fondue pot.

    Add cream stirring gently until chocolate is smooth.

    Stir in vanilla.


    Use fondue forks to dip fruit. Other dipping options are graham crackers and marshmallows.

    Variations – you can add instant coffee or espresso to the chocolate for a chocolate coffee fondue. Chopped nuts are another option.

    Classic Cheese Fondue Recipe

    What you need

    • 1/2 lb Emnenthaler Cheese (shredded)
    • 1/2 lb Gruyeye (shredded)
    • 1 clove Garlic
    • 2 cups Dry White Wine
    • 1 tbs Lemon Juice
    • 2 tbs Flour
    • 3 tbs Kirsch
    • 1/4 tsp White Pepper
    • Nutmeg and/or Paprika to taste

    How to prepare

    Rub a garlic clove around the inside of the fondue pot. Discard clove.

    Heat white wine and lemon juice but not to a boil. Reduce heat and slowly add cheese. Stir.

    While stirring add other ingredients to the mixture.


    Use a fondue fork to dip broccoli, cauliflower, bread chunks, peppers and other vegetables.


    Mint Chocolate Fondue

    What you need

    • 1/2 cup Heavy Cream
    • 2 tbs Peppermint Liqueur
    • 8 oz Semisweet Chocolate

    How to prepare

    Over medium heat, warm the cream. Add the peppermint liqueur.

    Grate or chunk the chocolate and slowly add to the mixture. Stir until smooth.


    Use a fondue fork to dip pears, peach slices, other fruit, angel food cake or pound cake.

    Peanut Butter Fondue

    What you need

    • 1/4 cup Brown Sugar
    • 1/4 cup Corn Syrup
    • 2 tbs Butter
    • 4 Marshmallows
    • 2/3 cup Peanut Butter (creamy)
    • 1/2 cup Evaporated Milk (2%)
    • 1 tsp Vannila Extract

    How to prepare

    Mix the brown sugar, corn syrup, butter and water. Heat on low, stirring constantly for five minutes.

    Add marshmallows, peanut butter and evaporated milk to this mixture. Stir until smooth.

    Add vanilla and stir.


    Use a fondue fork to dip angel food cake, pound cake, strawberries, bananas, and apples.

    Many people think of fondue as a cheese or chocolate type of meal, but there are many variations that consist of broth fondue. The broth absorbs the flavor of the item being dipped. Give one of these recipes a try if you are looking for a twist on the usual fondue.

    Beef Broth Fondue

    What you need

    • 3 lbs Meaty Beef Bones (Shank, Short Ribs, Etc.)
    • 1 Onion (peeled and chopped)
    • 2 cloves Garlic (chopped)
    • 2 Carrots (peeled and sliced)
    • 2 stalks Celery (sliced)
    • 1 Bay Leaf
    • 2 tsp Salt
    • Fresh Ground Black Pepper (to taste)
    • 1/2 cup Parsley (chopped)
    • 15 cups Water

    How to prepare

    Use a large covered pot to combine all the ingredients. Bring mixture to a boil.

    After boiling, reduce the heat and simmer for 2 hours. Be sure to stir occasionally.

    During the simmer process, skim off any foam that rises to the surface of the pot.

    After 1 hour add salt and pepper if needed.

    After 2 hours, strain Broth. Throw out the solids. Then refrigerate broth until ready to serve.

    Note: A layer of fat may congeal on the top of the pot during refrigeration. Remove this fat before heating to serve.


    Use a fondue fork to dip chunks of bread in the broth.

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