Four Restaurant Foodservice Trends to Watch for in 2018

Foodservice trends are about more than just the look of a restaurant or how food is being prepared or served. It’s also about the food that’s being served, and even how it’s being served.


With so many people trying to eat healthier, it makes sense that restaurants are taking those dietary changes into account. They’re also taking food allergies and intolerance into consideration.


Whether you’re a restaurant trying to get an idea of what you need to do this year to make your customers happy or you’re a consumer wanting to know what to expect of your favorite dining places in the new year, here are some trends to watch for in the world of food service.

Fine-Casual Dining

Think fast service with upscale dining options. When you go to a counter service for food, whether it’s fast food or a deli-style place, you don’t usually expect more than some greasy burgers and fries or a sandwich you could have made at home with some ingredients most people already have in their fridge.


The fine-casual dining experience is upping the game when it comes to “fast food”. Instead of your normal choices of panini or rotisserie chicken, you can get a delicious wood-fired gluten-free pizza with spinach and artichokes. These are fancy foods you’d find at a nice restaurant but in a more casual setting.

Dishes with More Color

More fruits and vegetables are being used in restaurants now, offering healthier meals to the masses. Storing all of this produce requires great commercial refrigerators to keep that produce fresher longer.


Salads aren’t the only place you’ll find fruit added. Expect to see more delicious apple and chicken salad sandwiches, as well as more vegetarian options replacing meat, like jackfruit. Even fast food restaurants are adopting vegetarian menu options for their more health-conscious patrons.

Healthier Drink Options

Usually when you go out to eat your drink options include a menagerie of alcoholic beverages, milk, soda, sugar-laced teas and juices, or water. Water is the healthiest option on that list.


More restaurants are opting to serve healthy smoothie mixes as well as freshly made juices. This requires sturdy undercounter refrigerators in the bar section. You shouldn’t have to go to  a smoothie bar just to enjoy a healthy drink when you go out to eat.

Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes

More restaurants are serving dishes that revolve around a vegetable as the main dish. Whether it’s jackfruit tacos, vegetarian pizza, or rotisserie cauliflower- vegetables are making a splash on menus all over.


Expect more vegan restaurants to pop up. But more than that, also expect more restaurants that serve meat to start catering to a vegetable loving crowd, Get More information .


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