Free Link Exchanges May Help Frustrated Writers and Affiliate Marketers

Free Link Exchanges May Help Frustrated Writers and Affiliate Marketers

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  1. There are tons of free link exchanges online that may actually help frustrated writers and affiliate marketers who need more traffic.  Some of them target writers and affiliate marketers, and some merely have a writing or marketing category on their site.  Frustrated writers and online marketers everywhere get weary of trying hard to generate income online and falling victim to lackoftrafficitis.

    lackoftrafficitis:  (pronounced: lack – of – traffic – itis) the state or condition of having little or no traffic  🙂

    Even though the free link exchange that is offered by a website seems to be for writers and affiliates, it may provide nothing more for the writing and marketing community than it does for any other link members.   Writers will be hesitant, if not skeptical, of joining.  Unless the benefits are clear and distinct, they may choose to pass.  This is how they end up missing out on the real writing and networking opportunities. 

    What Is A FREE Link Exchange?

    For those who are not totally clear what a free link exchange is, the easy answer is: a link exchange is a trading of links, for the purpose of sharing visitors or traffic.  Tit for tat, give and take, quid quo pro, one hand washes the other… (You get the picture) 

    The way it typically works is:

    Person No. 1 leaves their link information  (in various formats such as: text, html, script, etc.) on Site No. 1.  They also capture the link information of Site No. 1 by copy and paste, or down load, and place the link information on their own site – Site No. 2 (per Site No. 1 instructions). The particulars may vary from link exchange to link exchange.  Some claim to have a unique link exchange service.  For example:

    Leads LeapLead Generator   This is a traffic exchange program that can help you generate traffic to your site by clicking on other members ads.  One way to determine the benefits is to signup and see for yourself.

    So various link exchange details are based on the facilitator’s preferences.  You may be exchanging links with one or two individuals, or you may be part of a huge link exchange network.  How the link information is collected and placed, who should place their link first, and any other instructions or conditions are disclosed (or should be) by the site offering the link exchange.

    What Do You Hope To Gain From Free Link Exchanges?

    Ask yourself these three questions before you decide to join a free link exchange

    (Regardless of whether or not it is specific to your field or interest)

    • Can the exchange of links benefit your writing and online activities?
    • Is the exchange easy and effortless to join?
    • Does the link exchange site provide any other benefits to writers?

    Whether the link exchange is targeted to new writers, old writers, or circus clowns, if they advertise that the service is free of charge, they should be totally free.  That means no hidden costs.  You will need to make sure that this is the case (one good indicator is if they ask you to break out your credit card:)..  When, and if you ever decide to pay for link exchange services, it should be because you knowingly make the choice, and not because of any underhanded tactics.

    What to Be Aware Of When Searching For Link Exchanges

    When searching for the right link exchange(s), you may want to consider opening up a free email specifically for your link mail.  This is really the case with big exchanges that provide requests from multiple people seeking to trade links with you.  This can really get to be time consuming, not to mention overwhelming.  Remember, it may be a good thing to be able to leave YOUR link in a lot of different locations, but, you have to also return the favor in kind.  Leaving your links, without placing reciprocal links is a no no.  It will get you banned and possibly talked about bad, not only that, it’s just plain bad manners!  

    Link Exchanges: What Do They Offer – What Do You Offer?

    Aside from being able to put your links on their websites, blogs, articles or where ever, what do the link exchanges have to offer you?  What do you have to offer them?  Does the location where you are placing their ad have any obvious benefits or advantages for them as well?  This might include other benefits derived from linking such as:

    • Leaving comments and/or page descriptions that result in multiple links
    • Receiving positive comments and feedback in posts that result in exposure and validation 
    • Job postings and/or leads specific to writers on the “invitation to link” page or the actual link location page
    • Other available writer resources on the “invitation to link” page or the actual link location page

    A Link Exchange May Help the Frustrated Writer In You

    Are you a new freelance writer just starting out?  Are you a frustrated writer that has been trying to make money online, with little or no success (along with little or no traffic)?  The article: The 10 Biggest Reasons Most of Us Keep Failing Miserably can shed some light on typical self-defeating tendencies that many of us encounter. After reading that article, you will no doubt be ready to exchange links, and start learning ways to make more money with your writing.  How To Start Earning Regular Profits From Recurring Payment Affiliates is another marketing tool for new writers and affiliates.  It is a 5 part web series that is packed with useful strategies, concepts and advice to keep you on the right path in your online affiliate marketing career (see my Profile Box for link).

    Things to Remember:

    Some link exchanges require you use ONLY their html code or script, and they insist it not be altered.  Some sites may insist on a banner or button or an image instead of a text link.  This means you won’t be able to format it so that if fits the look of the page you’re displaying it on.  Always keep this in mind when selecting links.  Now, whenever you’re ready, you can start building and exchanging links successfully.

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