French Culinary Institute

French Culinary Institute

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  1. Becoming a World Class Chef

    Do you enjoy cooking?  Have you ever thought about becoming a chef?  If so, then you should consider becoming a student at the French Culinary Institute (FCI), one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the United States.  The FCI, accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools (ACCSC), is a cooking school that produces chefs trained in the art of French cooking based on Western cuisine.  The French Culinary Institute was started by Dorothy Cann Hamilton in 1984, and has consistently maintained a ranking of excellence over the years.   The FCI was voted one of the top culinary schools in the United Statesin 2010, coming in fourth place out of one hundred.

    Small Classes and Hands-On Training

    What makes this culinary school one of the best in the U.S.?  Students are taught in classes where they learn cooking techniques taught by a hands-on method.  Each class is small, consisting of a maximum of 12 students, with each instructor using a teaching curriculum developed by some of the most respected chefs in the world.  Each teacher will be available at all times during the class to correct and guide students at each step of the process.  The last third of a student’s training will be done in an actual restaurant, L’Ecole, which is owned and operated by the FCI. 

    Graduate in Six to Nine Months

    Students graduate in six to nine months, plus the school offers students schedule flexibility, with day and evening classes.  International students can apply to attend the FCI.  The French Culinary Institute is authorized to issue form I-20 which allows foreign students to apply for the M-1 visa.  A full-time staff member is available to assist foreign students with the application process.  It’s also possible to attend the FCI directly out of high school.  Financial aid in the form of scholarships, loans and grants are available for students.  The French Culinary Institute even offers a housing plan for students based on a first-come, first-served basis. 

    Available Programs

    The FCI offers several culinary programs in various areas.  Courses are offered in Classic Culinary Arts, Classic Pastry Arts, and the Art of International Bread Baking. The Classic Culinary Arts and Classic Pastry Arts programs allow students to earn food protection manager certification, ensuring students understand safe handling and storing of food.   Students will go through several levels of learning in order to graduate in six to nine months in the Classic Culinary Arts and Classic Pastry Arts Programs. All programs offer special tuition pricing for recent high school graduates and military veterans and their spouses.

    Classic Culinary Arts Program

    The Classic Culinary Arts Program (in 600 class hours) teaches students the basics of French cooking applied to Western cuisine.  These basics are considered to be the building blocks necessary to become a professional chef.  Students learn at a fast pace with hands-on learning. Classes will cover cooking skills such as proper use and maintenance of knives, understanding spices, studying the different cuts of meat, and more. The last third of the Classic Culinary Arts program is spent in a real-world restaurant owned by the institute, L’Ecole.  The program has a flexible day or evening schedule, priced from $33,050 to $44,600.  Tuition includes the cost of a uniform, utensil kit, the application fee, and all books and supplies.

    Classic Pastry Arts

    The Classic Pastry Arts program (600 class hours) leads students through the adventure of pastry preparation.  The program will instruct students in the art of baking pastries, cakes and desserts of all kinds.  The French Culinary Institute assures students will learn the necessary skills in a small class (12 students or less) at a fast pace and will learn classic pastry techniques hands-on with instructor guidance at each step.  Students will spend approximately 537 hours in hands-on practice, and about 63 hours in theory in order to graduate in six to nine months.  The Classical Pastry Arts program offers a flexible schedule with day and evening courses, at tuition prices ranging from $36,800 to $43,550 which includes the application fee, uniform, utensil kit, all books and supplies.

    Art of International Bread Baking

    The Art of International Bread Baking program is one of the shortest programs offered by the French Culinary Institute.  This program lasts for eight weeks, with students learning all the basics, plus some advanced techniques, for baking bread.  Some of the subjects covered are flour milling, rising time, kitchen humidity and weather and how all of these can change the texture and flavor of bread.  Instructors will guide students through classic European techniques for bread baking.  Next, students will learn about German and Middle European whole grain breads, Italian breads, and finally end the course by learning how to bake gluten-free and diabetic breads.  Classes are limited to 12 students or less, and students will learn quickly using by FCI’s hands-on training methods.  The International Bread Baking program costs $10,500, which covers the application fee, uniform, utensil kit, and all books and supplies.

    If you’re interested in becoming a chef, the French Culinary Institute is one of the best culinary schools to consider.  The FCI offers a variety of culinary programs, schedule flexibility and hands-on learning—all in a very short six to nine months, learning from master chefs.  The FCI even offers job-placement services for its graduates. With all these services and programs, the French Culinary Institute is one of the best places for you to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become a chef or work in another culinary or food industry career.

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