Frugal Lunch Box and Lunch Sack Foods for You and Your Child

Frugal Lunch Box and Lunch Sack Foods for You and Your Child

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  1. In my previous column, I discussed Lunch Box and Lunch Sack Basics for Frugality. Today, I want to take this ideas a bit further by discussing lunch sack ideas for adults. These may be needed for work, school or a number of other purposes.

    As an adult, you may eat a wider variety of foods than a child would. More interesting ideas may be used when filling your lunch sack. You may be filling the sack for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and it is likely that a snack or two will be packed as well. It is important to keep these meals as frugal and simple as possible, because you likely have time restraints. Health is another consideration.

    Melon Cups

    These cups are easy to make, whether you ball the melons or simply cut them into bite size pieces.



    honey dew melon




    1. Ball or cut the melon into bite size pieces. Place these into a container with a tight fitting lid.
    2. Place yogurt into another container, or use store bought.
    3. Put some granola into a small container.
    4. When ready to eat, top the melon cup with the yogurt and the granola.


    • Use different kinds of melons.
    • Vanilla yogurt tastes very good with the melons listed above. What other yogurts would work?

    Serving Suggestions

    • Serve with a sandwich or sandwich wrap featuring veggies and turkey or chicken.
    • Carrot and celery sticks would make a great addition to the meal, as well.


    Turkey Sandwich Wrap

    large tortillas, whole wheat or spinach work well – as does white

    leftover turkey from Thanksgiving or Christmas

    sliced cheese

    Romaine lettuce

    baby spinach

    tomato, sliced thin

    cucumber, sliced thin with skin left on

    1. Dice the turkey fairly small.
    2. Wash the vegetables.
    3. Place the diced chicken pieces between the lettuce and the baby spinach, on the tortilla.
    4. Place the cheese on top of the spinach, then tomato and cucumber slices.
    5. Wrap the sandwich up and place into a container.


    • Spread mayo or another dressing choice onto the tortilla before beginning, if desired.
    • Use any combination of vegetables that you like. Shredded carrot, sweet potato or squash would work.

    Serving Suggestions

    • Serve with a melon cup to ensure that you are getting your fruit in for the day. A berry cup would be good as well.
    • Serve with hot soup.


    There are other lunch sack meal options to choose from, as well. Some can be found on the Frugal Recipes blog. I will be offering more options in the next Frugal Food column.

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