1. Most people are surprised to find out that Jesus talked about money and possessions more than any one subject.  The Lord saw how people used their money and possessions as paramount to their character, so much so that he promises swift judgment to those who misuse it (Malachi 3:5).

    We can see a great example of this judgment in Genesis. Adam and Eve were given everything they would ever need (Genesis 2:18-23). They were given dominion over all of it (Genesis 1:18-31). The whole world belonged to them. They were given few regulations on how to use it.

    Despite the ease with which God allowed them to rule the Earth, humanity could not help but break the one and only rule they were given. For that, they and their descendants were cursed until The Lord’s return (Genesis 3:14-22).

    God establishes a precedent early, displaying clearly his contempt for misuse of the things he blesses us with. The very first recorded act of humanity is to break God’s law do to discontent for the blessings God provided. Likewise, the very first reaction from God to a human act is to curse the law-breakers for their sin.

    How is it that we believe that we can use our money for purely selfish purposes when the second chapter of the Bible shows us how The Lord feels about it?

    Using money and possessions in a manner that does not glorify God is not wrong, it’s stupid. The consequences are clear. Time and time again the Bible teaches us about what happens to those who use possessions improperly.

    It is a testament to man’s depravity that we can be given so much that we do not deserve and still squander it. But, fortunately, it is a testament to God’s profound grace that he still provides material wealth (even of the smallest amount) the human beings who continually use it to sin against him.

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