Get Cyber Bullying Out Of Your Business

To understand the push to eradicate bullying and cyberbullying from workplaces, you first have to understand how prevalent it is within them. The first thing you should know is that it is by no means rare. It may not be as blunt or blatant as it was when you were in school, but cyberbullying especially still very much exists in the adult business world we live in.  Statistically, seven out of ten staff members will leave a job during their working life as a direct result of workplace bullying. This should not be accepted as the norm but fought to extinction – especially considering we have the resources to do just that. 


Another factor to consider when thinking about the cost of bullying in a workplace is the financial burden. The annual cost to Australian businesses has been estimated to be around $13 Billion – due to absenteeism, staff turnover and loss of productivity due to bullying. With figures like this, it’s easy to acknowledge that change needs to be made – and fast. 


Consulting services related to bullying can be found, and really are effective at what they do. Consulting services can professionally address, asses and relive the problems in your work related to bullying and misconduct. Workers will feel more safe and secure, and you can watch your absenteeism and staff turnover levels reduce before your eyes. 


OH & S consulting services can also be used effectively to ensure that your business is a safe working environment for yourself and your employees, on both a physical and emotional level. Look into OH & S consulting services to see what they can do for you, your business, and the people who allow it to run.

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