Get Ready for the Top 20 Al Waha Flavors!

Al Waha Tobacco is a renowned name with one of the largest and diverse collections for the top hookah tobacco brands globally. Since its establishment in 1972, Al Waha has offered us hundreds of exclusive shisha flavors. With a workforce of 600 people, Al Waha has been exporting its delectable shishas to more than 33 countries from its Zarka facility in Jordan. Now, Khalil Maamoon has got it for you across the U.S. it might be extremely baffling to choose the best from all the Al Waha flavors that you have smoked all these years. Here, let us help you by suggesting to you the following top 20 Al Wala Flavors.

Top 20 Al Waha Flavors

It is hard to consolidate the top twenty flavors unanimously, for Al Waha has got the hookah smoker community an oasis of shisha flavors. Nevertheless, these are the most popular of all Al Waha Hookah Tobaccos from its Elite Edition.

  • Al Waha Big Boy – a refreshing shisha flavor-packed with watermelon with a hint of mint.
  • Al Waha Blueberry Guava – a soothing shisha with blueberries and guava fused in together with utmost subtlety.
  • Al Waha Blue Lion – A chilling fusion featuring watermelon, along with blueberries.
  • Al Waha Blueberry Vanilla Ice Cream – A perfect choice for a post-meal dessert session.
  • Al Waha BOB – When a banana gets that minty touch.
  • Al Waha Casper – A rejuvenating combination of lemon and icy mint.
  • Al Waha Cinnamon Gum – Spearmint fused with spicy cinnamon in gum flavor.
  • Al Waha Dirty Thirty – Sublime blend of lime with icy mint.
  • Al Waha Friday 13 – A killer blend of vanilla, spearmint, and peach flavors.
  • Al Waha Hot n Cold – Blueberry with ice mint; what else do you need?
  • Al Waha Ice Maracuja – Passion Fruit infused with mint; truly exotic and delightful.
  • Al Waha I love 69 – A delicious puddle of watermelon, honey, melon, and passionfruit.
  • Al Waha Libella Swing – A swinging amalgam of guava, orange, and mint.
  • Al Waha Melon Berry – Honeydew melons punched with blueberries; subtly scrumptious.
  • Al Waha One Day – Lime with spearmint; a luscious eruption.
  • Al Waha Panrasna – A fusion of earthy floral aromas with cool minty resembling a popular subcontinental delicacy.
  • Al Waha Strawberry Cream – A sweet and creamy combination of whipped cream and strawberry.
  • Al Waha Sweet Shock – A striking blend of passionfruit and watermelon.
  • Al Waha Sweet Bon Bon – A sweet and leathery fusion of gum and icy mint.
  • Al Waha Tornado – Go crazy with this strong fiery mint flavor.

Over the years, Al Waha has developed unrivaled proficiency dealing with tobacco, molasses, and natural ingredients for sourcing flavor extracts. Presently, Al Waha got a plethora of rare as well as common flavor fusions to woo you in no time. The unusual concoctions of their flavors are truly exotic. Undoubtedly, it is playing a pioneering role in today’s global market for new shisha flavors. Check out the entire Al Waha Shisha Tobacco range on the Khalil Maamoon page. They are distributing it via their online store.

Happy Smoking!

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