Get the Mammoth ‘Maximus’ Hose from Starbuzz

Every shisha connoisseur knows the importance of a hookah hose. It is not only an integral component of a hookah setup, but also a significant influencing factor for the sheer volume, density, and quality of smoke. Irrespective of the shisha tobacco or particular flavor you choose, the hose will play a role in determining your experience. The Maximus hose from Starbuzz is distinct, massive, and a premium product.

Starbuzz Maximus Hose is 90” Long

Starbuzz Maximus hose is 90” long. Ninety inches is almost three meters, 228.6cm to be precise. This makes Maximus one of the largest hoses to have been made, not just now but since the invention of hookah. It may very well be the longest and largest hose among all major brands.

Given its length, it is a foregone conclusion that Maximus is a fitting hose for every large gathering. You could have ten people seated around a hookah and everyone will have easy access. Seven feet and six inches of length in any direction implies a group of friends can be in absolute comfort and convenience. With the world reeling under a pandemic caused by a contagion, when social or physical distancing is being advised by every health expert, the Maximus hose makes more sense. Of course, people should use their own mouthpieces to be completely safe.

Starbuzz Maximus Grip is 21” Long

The grip or handle of Maximus is twenty one inches long, which makes it longer than every other hose available today. There are innumerable people who do not like the short grips of most hoses. A long and hefty grip provides better grasp and control. Such a grip also facilitates much denser and more voluminous smoke. Users do not have to raise their hand up to the neck or somewhere nearby to have a puff. One can rest their hand on the lap, at the armrest of a chair, or simply anywhere within the twenty one inches leeway.

Starbuzz Maximus has a 1” Bore

Anyone, who has perfected the art and science of drawing big, voluminous, dense, and flavorful smoke, knows the importance of the bore, especially its size. The bore, or the diameter of the hose throughout its length, determines how much smoke it will allow to pass when you take a puff. As you draw the smoke, the passage becomes the key element regulating the quantum. One inch is a massive bore size. Starbuzz Maximus is hence becoming the default choice for many to draw large, dense, milky, flavorful smoke.

With Starbuzz Maximus, you do not need frequent draws and you do not have to settle for small puffs. You can go for a gentle and sustained puff to draw an enormous volume of dense and rich smoke. This has a direct impact on the overall experience of any session. Choose an amazing shisha flavor, ensure optimum and properly aerated stuffing of the tobacco in the bowl, regulate the charcoals well, use some cold water or a few ice cubes in the base, and Maximus will do what no other hose can.

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