Girl, that man ain’t your boyfriend but husband

Have you ever really been in love? Well, just to know, love can change your world upside down. Falling in love was the best thing that happened to me because I fell for a best friend whom I was ready to know. I wanted someone to grow me. To correct me. To push me and more so to give me a comfortable shoulder to lean on when my days are gloomy and my fears within exceed. I wanted someone to call me hunie, bunnie, boo, bae, babe and all those sweet nothing names.
Sometimes you might take those little actions you do thinking it is normal and understandable because your thoughts lie to you that, ‘it is okay. He will understand.’ Forgetting ‘those things and actions’ you call tiny might bring about big problems that might require a lot to resolve.
Girl, those texts you are sending to other male friends should be stopped. Those chats you are bubbling all your thoughts like the ‘all know girl’, must be stopped. You are not a judge on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Stop wasting your time on other dudes when you have a potential man in your life. Use that time to find something of importance to do. Make use of that idle time to write to him beautiful poems, drawings or rather sketch him something that will broaden his smile. Make yourself busy to avoid problems.
It will be so unfortunate if you lose a potential husband just because of your circle of friends. Remember this, you can have many friends or rather your circle of friends might be so big but to find those friends who can keep your secrets, give you time to listen to you and be there for you when you need them demands loyalty and commitment.
Listen girl, if it is that male friend of yours leaving questions in your man’s mind, cut links. If it is those girlfriends of yours that don’t rhyme with your character and habits and he has strictly forbidden you to join the crew, hearken. A good man will come into your life to build you, protect you, provide for you and make you fit for him.
Kindly, stop complaining when he corrects you. Humble yourself when he points out mistakes. Don’t hear him talk; listen to his words and internalize. Don’t argue with him; employ turn taking. If your reasons to explain why this that happened will not please him, don’t continue giving them. That will sound rude and he will take them as excuses.
For a girl to grow into a woman that understands real love from a man who is ready to shape her and make her the best for him; she must be ready to shed her old feathers just like an eagle for new ones. It doesn’t matter how painful it is but how patient and courageous is she to stick by the man’s side.

Such a man is a husband not just a boyfriend. If he is lucky to have you, give him more reasons to be lucky every day. 

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