Got iPhone? Get Business Development Apps!

Got iPhone? Get Business Development Apps!

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  1. Got iPhone? If you’re like me, you probably spend copious amounts of time using social media, gaming, music and other fun applications. But did you know that iPhone has some great apps to help aid you in marketing, business development, writing, and more? Here are apps to assist you in finding the information you need to succeed:

    Marketing & Business Development Apps:
    Marketing Process Test  This app tests your knowledge of advertising, marketing, promotions, cash flow management and more. Take the quiz to see where you stand and in what areas you may need more instruction. Free
    How to Write a Winning Business Plan  Create a business plan from start to finish with this app. Guidance is provided for areas including market analysis, competitive analysis, sales and marketing plan, and how to get started. $1.99

    Writing Apps:
    Article Writing  This app covers an intro to writing for newbies, mistakes to avoid, article automation, submission, SEO, Internet marketing, query writing, and tons of other topics to assist new and seasoned article writers. $2.99
    Business Writing This comprehensive iPhone book guides you through the process of writing business letters, memos, sales letters, proposal cover letters and more. Extracts from 217 actual letters are included. $2.99

    Networking Apps:
    Netbiz  The Netbiz app will help you calculate your networking expenses with the value of your efforts. Whether you’re new on the networking circuit, or you’re a master, Netbiz not only offers tips for better networking, but also allows you to monitor your profits on your current networking efforts. $2.99
    The 29% Solution  A great app to help you develop your networking skills, The 29% Solution offers strategies to help you increase your connections and become part of the 29% of people that find real success. $2.99

    Public Relations:
    Public Relations Guide  Buy this guide to aid you with your public relations efforts including news releases, media protocol, press kits, and tips on what actually is news. $2.99
    MrPressRelease  MrPressRelease helps you write and distribute press releases via the Official Wire news network, where it will be indexed by Google News, Yahoo News, Moreover, Topix, NewsNow, and Twitter. Free (Press Release credits are $9.99)

    Starting a Business:
    Business Startup Secrets  Learn the secrets you need to start your own business. This app gives you tips on finding advisors and funding, hiring employees, incorporating and more. $1.99
    8 Things to Remember Before Starting Your Own Business  Is the business you want to start your passion? How much capital do you need to start it? Is it a product business or a service business? This iPhone app will help you answer these questions and more. Free

    Just for Fun
    I Hate My Boss  Need a stress reliever? Take two minutes to hit your boss with any number of items found on your desk. Wack a mole, office style. $0.99

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