1. If your neighborhood is like mine, freshly washed clothes flapping in the breeze are considered an eyesore. They may lower property values so they are forbidden. So what is a “green” girl to do?

    I found the answer in drying racks. A few well placed racks with access to the sun can save your energy bill, keep your house cool, and help green the planet.

    Now why, do you ask, would I want to take the time to hang my clothes on a rack? If energy saving and greening the world isn’t your cup of tea, consider this: According to the California Energy Commission, the average clothes dryer will cost around $1500.00 to operate over it’s life span.

    So now that you are completely sold, you may wonder how to begin?

    • First scope out a strategic place to put the racks. Mine do their work on the deck.
    • Next decide how many racks you need based on the amount of laundry you do. We are a household of 2, so I have two racks.    
    • Extra tip: When shopping for racks, make sure you get the kind that fold up for easy storage, and those with metal drying bars hold up the best. Also, if you can find the kind that expands, all the better.
    • Last you need to decide if you will just hang your clothes over the bars, or invest in a few clothes pins to hang them like mom used to.  

    And if you live in an apartment or have neighbors that are just too nosy, this technique will also work in the house. Sure, it will take a bit longer, but isn’t the savings to the environment (and your wallet) worth it?

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