Health Benefits of Wheat Grass

Health Benefits of Wheat Grass

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  1. Benefits of Wheat Grass

    Wheat grass is a type of living chlorophyll.  The main benefit of using wheat grass is its high oxygen level.  Our body systems work at their best when highly oxygenated.  Wheat grass can aide the body in healing.  Holding wheat grass juice in your mouth for five minutes can help eliminate toothaches.  Gargling wheat grass can ease a sore throat.  Wheat grass can also help improve liver function, improve digestion, helps eliminate infections, neutralizes toxins in the body, stabilizes blood sugar levels and can reduce high blood pressure.  In addition, after taking wheat grass consistently for a period of several months, wheat grass can help reduce the appearance of scars and can reduce acne and other skin issues.  You can also pour wheat grass into your bath to help with the skin.  A last benefit is wheat grass helps improve strength and endurance by adding additional oxygen to the tissue and muscles.  Basically, you just feel better when you take wheat grass.

    How to Take Wheat Grass

    Wheat grass is easily digestible by the body, so there are few side effects to taking it.  Wheat grass can be taken either in pill form or by mixing a powder with water.  Either form will give you the same health benefits. Be aware that wheat grass should be taken on an empty stomach.  It doesn’t mix well with food, and you could end up feeling nauseous.  Take wheat grass at least an hour before you plan on eating. 

    Side Effects

    Be aware, that since wheat grass acts as a detoxifer in the body, you could experience head aches, loose stools and nausea due to the effects of detoxification.  These side effects will diminish and eventually disappear completely once all the toxins have left your body, leaving you with nothing but the health benefits. 

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