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Water is the source of all life. The human body consists mainly of water (70%). However, according to statistics, the volume of water drunk by a person per day is much lower than necessary. Why?

The fact is that most people did not think about how much water they need to drink. They do not mean that for the normal life (all processes in the body) it is necessary to drink water in pure form, rather than juices, soups, teas…

In the article I will answer some questions concerning the role of water in human life, namely:

  • The importance of drinking water for a person.
  • How much water should I drink per day?
  • What kind of water is better to drink?

Importance of drinking water for a person

Why we are drinking the water, what is its value for the body? Water (H2O) is an invaluable source of life, its basis. It is contained in our brain, blood, muscles and even in the skeleton.

The use of clean water in the right amount – a guarantee of health, strength, and energy
The water is entrusted with a large number of important body functions. It participates in the supply of organs and parts of the body with nutrients, trace elements and also in the withdrawal of waste products, harmful substances (entering the body from foods that contain various preservatives, flavors, colorants).

Water maintains all systems in working order up to the realization of the reproductive functions of the organism from the cell to the reproduction of the human species.


For a day, the heart, kidneys, and the brain pass through themselves more than a thousand liters of fluid based on water. Approximately two to three liters of water loses the body per day with sweat, breathing and other natural secretions. All this amount of life-giving moisture should be replenished by the body. Otherwise, people can not live long.
In order to cleanse the body of harmful substances, it requires a large amount of solvent (water) daily.

! Insufficient amount of H2O leads to dehydration of the body and, as a consequence, the development of all kinds of diseases !

If you do not drink enough water, you can seriously get sick.
A person without food can live three weeks and without water dies in just three to four days, so the importance of her daily use is enormous.

How much water should I drink per day

Water for the human body is:

  • “Universal solvent”
  • “Supplier” of nutrients to all cells of the body,
  • Assistant, performing the function of excreta waste.
  • Therefore the question: “Why should we drink water?” Does not require an answer (it is obvious). And if someone asks you: “Why should you drink water?”, You just answer: “To live!”.

To other questions about how much to drink water per day, and what water to drink, I will answer in the following sections of the article.


How much water should you drink per day?

Is it useful to drink a lot of water, what is its average daily rate?

We know that 70% of the human body consists of water, hence the consumption of water per day for each person will be the same.

This norm for each person depends on its physiological and other characteristics (age, weight, amount of food consumed, physical activity …). For example, a person weighing 60 kg. it is necessary to drink one and a half liters of water, but there are exceptions: pregnant women, people suffering from excessive puffiness ….

Therefore, the question of whether it is useful to drink water in large quantities requires an individual approach to each person.

Water with lemon on an empty stomach You know that drenching water with a lemon on an empty stomach leads to a longer feeling of satiety and perfectly quenches thirst. That helps to lose weight !

If we talk about most people who do not have any features related to the restriction of the fluid used, then their average daily rate is at least 2 liters of water. Notice, not liquids, but water.

Why do I need to drink a lot of water and why is the liquid in the soup, tea (coffee) not included in these 2 liters?
The fact is that the body constantly needs clean water, and all other types of liquid contain a lot of substances, which then need to be removed from the body. The average body needs about 30 ml. water for each kg. of a person’s weight.

In addition to the physiological characteristics of a person, the daily demand for water can vary due to the ambient temperature. As you understand, the hotter in the street, the stronger the thirst (at high temperatures the water evaporates more intensely from the surface of the human body). In the hot season, you need to drink about 3 liters of water a day.

Why we need to drink a lot of water we figured out. Many may have a question: what to do, when you do not want to drink at all? Why do not you want to drink water? Thirst is affected by several factors:

The amount of fluid consumed per day (not water). If a person drinks a lot of tea, juices and other drinks, then, of course, he will not feel like drinking water.
Season. In winter and autumn, thirst to drink significantly lower, because people are much less sweaty and he wants hot drinks (tea, coffee) to keep warm.
The level of physical activity. As a rule, people who are engaged in sports, or work with heavy physical loads, want to drink much more than intellectuals (office workers).
Regardless of whether you want to drink or not, you have to force yourself. But how? In order not to forget to drink, you need:
what water is better to drink

Always have at hand a bottle of clean water (on the table, in your purse …), which will remind you of your “presence” nearby.
Put a reminder on the phone (write memos …). You will calculate the rate of water that you need per day, divide by the number of receptions convenient for you and write (set on the phone) a reminder memo.
Drink water in small doses throughout the day, but you should know about what water to drink is helpful (this question is answered below).

What kind of water is better to drink? 

Alas, but not any water you can drink. It can contain a lot of alkalies. Regarding what water to drink, there is a lot of controversies, but one thing is for sure – the water should be clean, structured and low in alkali.

It is important to know, boiled water is considered “dead”.
To clean the water, you can use the following methods:

1. Freezing – getting “living water” (one of the ways is the easiest):

Pour water into the container (not to the brim);
Leave it in the freezer for several hours (until half the contents freeze);
Punch the ice cake and drain the water that has not yet froze;
Melt the ice (at room temperature) and use the water obtained for drinking and cooking.
The method of freezing is based on the following: first of all, free water is frozen, and only then its part containing impurities (which we merge). Hence the “first ice” is pure water.

It is important to know that when using “living water” you need to take a pinch of salt. The fact is that “living water” is washing salts out of the body.
2. Standing and boiling:

Pour the tap water into the glassware;
Leave the container open for 24 hours. During this time, gaseous impurities will leave the water: ammonia, chlorine and others.
Boil the water in a good gas or electric kettle to avoid sludge and scale(for an hour).
This purification of water removes from it a significant part of harmful substances.

3. Filtration. Use filters to clean the water.


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