Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

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  1. Whether it is after a hearty lunch, dessert included, a yummy dinner of fried chicken or a heaping plate of spicy nachos, when that burning, sour, painful feeling starts in the middle of your chest and creeps slowly up your throat it sends you looking for anything to squelch the fire. Most might reach for an over the counter medicine, maybe it is so bad your doctor has you on daily medication or you could just suffer hoping it will go away, all the while swearing never to eat again. Well, we know you can’t do that but it sure makes you stop and consider the food choices you’ve made to bring on this hellish nightmare. Even though you probably won’t end up in the hospital ER from a bought with acid reflux, over time if you continue exposing your stomach acid to your esophagus, you will end up with a serious medical condition called Gastric Esophageal Reflux Disease or GERD.

    Let’s not let it get that bad, shall we? First of all, we all have our favorite guilty pleasure when it comes to food but face it most of us could do without extra pain in our lives. The good news is that acid reflux can have a pretty simple remedy, just watch what and how much you eat! Even if it is a food that usually gives you problems you may get by with no acid reflux if you don’t gorge yourself on an entire plate. If you find that even a small portion has you popping antacid tablets like popcorn then it may be time to cut that food out of your diet. I know, it is a hard pill to swallow but try and remember the pain and lost sleep from the acid machine churning overtime in your throat.

    None of us like to discuss the extra few, well maybe several, OK a lot of pounds all of our favorite foods have so graciously blessed us with. And we are tired of all those studies and recommendations of exercise but we can’t ignore the truth when it is happily burning a hole in our throat in the middle of the night, or at an important business meeting or at the little league finals. Exercise leads to weight loss which leads to less problems with acid reflux especially when you’ve cut out those offending foods to help drop the pounds because you really don’t like to exercise.

    Even if you’ve embarked upon changes to your eating habits, added exercise to your weekly routine and actually lost weight, there may be those occasions that your nemesis, acid reflux, will pay you an unexpected visit. If that does happen some home remedies you can try to fend off the attack could include drinking a glass of buttermilk. Buttermilk coats the stomach, reducing the acid level, which should put out the fire. Also elevate your head when you lay down either with pillows or raising the entire head of the bed with blocks. Remember eating and then laying down without giving the body time to digest the meal is the perfect opportunity to invite acid reflux to spend the night with you.

    So the home remedies we’ve discussed is part common sense, part medical and part speaking from experience. Acid reflux is your body’s way of telling you that you have over done it in the eating department either by eating too fast, eating too much, eating foods your body doesn’t digest effectively or eating too late in the evening and not giving your stomach time to empty. All is preventable without drugs or doctors visits, just exercise self control. Oh! And exercise.

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