Home Remedies for Acne

Home Remedies for Acne

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  1. I awoke and wandered into the bathroom blurry eyed and half dreaming. As I approached the sink, something in the corner of my eye caused me to look up, rather startled, into the mirror. Suddenly wide awake, I noticed that my acne had taken a turn for the worse. Being a long time victim of skin problems, I have tried various cleansers and creams and ointments in an attempt to have younger, fresher looking skin. Seeing that none of these had done the trick, I decided to do some research and give home remedies a try. Because I am generally a skeptic of such things, it was important for me to not only find a recipe but to also understand why the recipe is believed to work. Before I could comprehend the solution, I had to educate myself on what causes the problem

    What is acne?

    Your skin is kept both moist and pliable because of an oil called sebum which is excreted though the sebaceous hair follicles, better known as pores. The natural oils in your skin mingle with the old dead cells and are then shed as the skin is renewed. When this mixture of dead cells and oils is shed unevenly, it begins to clump and become sticky thus trapping the sebum oil and bacteria inside the pores. As your normal oil production continues, the follicle begins to swell until your body sends white blood cells to the rescue. The end result of this process, which takes two to three weeks, is a pimple. (Guthy-Renker)

    So what are ways in which to ensure that the sloughing of dead cells is spread evenly across the face? I decided to experiment with food inspired face masks. I chose those involving ingredients that I had readily accessible in my kitchen.


    Both the egg yolk and the egg white are excellent tools for helping to cure one’s acne. Start by separating the yolk from the white. To tighten the skin and free it of red spots, use the egg white. Simply whip it until it is frothy and apply it as a face mask for twenty minutes. Wash it off with warm water. If your acne has left your skin with scars, use the yolk. The yolk should be whipped before it is applied as a face mask. Let it sit for twenty minutes before rinsing with warm water. (MyBeautyRecipes)

    There is some debate over why egg whites help skin. The results have been credited to an enzyme in the egg white called lysozyme, which digests bacteria in the cell wall of the egg shell. Some believe lysozyme fights the bacteria trapped in our pores as well. Others suspect a different enzyme which promotes the production of collagen, called hydrolysate. It is because of this enzyme that egg whites are praised for having anti-aging properties. (Mua)

    Egg yolks are an excellent source of vitamin A. This happens to be the vitamin that is necessary for maintaining and repairing skin tissue. Getting enough vitamin A in one’s diet has been known to reduce lines and wrinkles and control acne. This is why it is believed that applying yolk directly to one’s face reduces scarring. (WebMD)

    Instant Oatmeal

    Gross to eat, but wonderful for the skin. Simply cook the oatmeal as directed on the box. (Though add a little extra water.) Allow it to cool to a warm temperature and then apply it to your face. Leave the mask on for fifteen minutes and then wash it off with warm water. (AcneTeen)

    Oatmeal is so great for the skin because it cleanses and moisturizes all at once. Polysaccharides are a carbohydrate found in oats that become gelatinous in water and leaves a thin protective layer of film on the skin that fights against dryness. Skin also has a natural barrier function that is strengthened by the proteins in oatmeal, ensuring that nothing foreign enters the pores. Full of lubricating fats, oatmeal will leave your skin beautifully smooth and moisturized. (Weaver)

    My Result

    I’ve only just begun, but my face feels better already. Let’s cross our fingers that this isn’t simply a placebo affect. There is a visible decrease in redness, but I’m sure I need to give it a few weeks before I can be certain of the affectiveness.

    Caution to Home Remedy Users

    Using at home remedies is often more cost affective and fun than using over the counter cleansers and creams. However, they can also be more dangerous. Be sure to do your research before using recipes in order to know what they do and why as well as how. Also, acne can be genetic, but it can also be the result of one’s diet. Avoiding acne should start with drinking lots of water and maintaining healthy eating habits.

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