Home Remedies For Chest Congestion

Home Remedies For Chest Congestion

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  1. Chest congestion is most uncomfortable and occurs when a person has trouble and irritation when trying to breathe. This condition can also be complicated if there is chest pain that is severe and coughing that is continuous. Most everyone can come down with chest congestion—children and adults– but there are several remedies that can help alleviate chest congestion concerns.

    One remedy for chest congestion is a mixture of turmeric power, warm water and ginger. Another remedy for this condition is by drinking two teaspoons of honey and ginger juice. In addition, drinking warm milk with a touch of turmeric power can also help with chest congestion.

    Steaming is a very effective home remedy for chest congestion. By adding a few drops of oil in water or by using water alone, can help loosen up chest congestion. Heat the water until it boils and then with a towel surrounding the bowl, breathe in the steam. Do this for five to ten minutes, being careful not to get your face too close to the steaming bowl of liquid. Do this several times a day.

    In addition, Eucalyptus oil that is put in steaming water or applying it on the chest and nose area, are two very good home remedies for chest congestion. Vicks, or lemon balm—when applied to the chest and nose area—and then using steam with just water…helps a great deal in removing mucus from the chest. Drinking herbal tea also helps.

    In addition, ginger tea and black tea can be very therapeutic for this condition. Also, you can take a cotton cloth, warm it up by using an iron and apply the cloth to your chest. The warmth will help to soothe and draw out the congestion. And, a warm water bottle placed on the chest, protected by a soft cloth, can also help.

    Another home remedy for chest congestion is enzyme rich foods such as pineapple and kiwi. By eating these kinds of foods, the mucus becomes thinner and when this happens, the blockage is better able to leave. Pineapple juice can also be a good chest congestion reliever.

    Tumeric is another way to help relieve chest congestion. Take a glass of warm water and then add a teaspoon of tumeric powder and then mix well. Drink this solution three times a day. You can also use Tumeric as a chest massage. This will also help relieve chest congestion.

    And, by drinking more water—8-10 glasses a day—you can also help relieve your chest congestion. Water helps to liquefy the mucus in your system. Still another way to help lessen chest congestion—a method that has been used for years—is by mixing honey and lemon in a glass of hot water. It is advised to first gargle the solution and then drink it. This mixture soothes the throat and relieves congestion in the chest.

    Thyme is another way to naturally ease congestion in the chest. Thyme is an herb that helps to speed up the movement of the mucus and helps to remove it from the lungs. Make thyme tea by first boiling some water and then putting in about 2 tablespoons of thyme powder. Let this mixture boil for about 10 minutes and then filter the mixture. Drink this tea several times a day—preferably three time a day—and keep consuming this mixture until the congestion is gone.

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