Home Remedies For Diarrhea

Home Remedies For Diarrhea

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  1.  There is nothing more embarrassing than soiling your pants.

    Alas, such is the result of when one has diarrhea or loose motions. Diarrhea affects everyone in their lifetime. Yet this is not something we talk about freely . You probably would not meet a long lost friend and have this type of conversation:

    Long Lost Friend (LLF): HEY! How you doin’? It’s been so long!

    You: I know! I know! (proceed with fawning hugs and blubbering tears).

    LLF: Oh my! I can’t believe it’s you! You look so good! You’ve lost weight! How have you been? What’s new?

    You: I know! I know! (finally composing yourself) Well, I have diarrhea!

    (Insert awkward silence and crickets)

    I would rank diarrhea as the number one champion of embarrassment. Although, a close second is seeing a supervisor’s wife for the first time and you as the new employee strike the following conversation.

    You: Your wife is so pretty! When is she due?

    Supervisor: Um. She’s not pregnant.

    (Insert awkward silence, crickets, and let’s throw in the blubbering tears as well)

    Not like I would know anything about the above example at all. Nope. Not me at all (wink, wink). Thank you very much.

    In this article, we will be looking at what are the causes of diarrhea and home remedies that may help. We will strive prevent frequent visits to the Underwear Fairy and stave off you in the running for the most embarrassed person of the month (I already have the award for the decade).

    So what causes diarrhea?

    The sources of diarrhea can be very challenging to pin down. According to Naturopathic Physician Edward Group and his twenty years of research, here are the most common causes:

    * Bacterial infections can enter the body when they are ingested on tainted food or water. Some common bacteria that instigate bouts of diarrhea are salmonella, campylobacter, Escherichia coli (E. coli), and Shigella.

    * Hepatitis and Rotavirus are two viral infections that have diarrhea as a symptom of their presence. Others include Norwalk, Cytomegalovirus and herpes simplex viruses.

    * Simple intolerance to particular foods can cause diarrhea. It’s usually a component in the food such as food coloring, milk sugar (lactose) or other additives.

    * Parasites are microscopic organisms that can be present on food or in water. In the digestive system. Some of the parasites that we might ingest are Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium and Entamoeba histolytica.

    * Some medications like blood pressure, antibiotic and antacid medications that contain magnesium.

    * There are several bowel disorders that can have diarrhea as a symptom including Celiac disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In these instances, it’s not what you eat so much as the malfunctioning of your intestines.

    * Surgeries such as gallbladder removal and stomach surgery. These changes to the digestive system can throw things out of balance.

    So what is the different types of diarrhea?

    As mentioned before, diarrhea can affect anyone. There are two types that one can be stricken with: acute and chronic. Acute condition would be symptoms that last for approximately a week and then fade away. Your amazing body is working feverishly to remove the cause so you can be in optimum health.

    In the case of chronic condition, you will need to be very concerned when you have loose motions that go past 48 or 72 hours (also blood and pus in the stool). This is a sure sign to go to your doctor (allopathic or naturopathic/homeopathic) for treatment. During this time, your body will be in a critical state because the body is losing a variety of vital nutrients, vitamins, and water (dehydration). Tests will be administered to find out the root cause.

    According to Group, here is the type of tests they may rely on:

    * Physical examination and medical history. The doctor needs to be aware of eating habits and medications.

    * Stool culture. This analysis will determine what harmful bacteria and other organisms or present in your stool, as well as any other signs of infection.

    * Blood tests will help to determine which diseases are not present.

    * Fasting will determine if allergies or food intolerances are a cause of your diarrhea.

    * Sigmoidoscopy visually examines the inside of the lower part of the colon and the rectum.

    * Colonoscopy allows the doctors to look at the entire colon.

    Home Remedies for Diarrhea

    When I researched for the home remedies for diarrhea, there is at least 5,759,683 matching results. So without further ado, here are all 5,759,683 results! Kidding. Here are a list of home remedies for diarrhea according to wellness authors Timothy Gower, Alice Lesch Kelly,Linnea Lundgren, and Michele Price Mann. We will narrow down the remedies to the following areas in the home: Cupboard and Refrigerator. First, I would like to give this disclaimer: This information is only for informational purposes. They are not meant to treat, diagnose, or prevent illness. Also, this article is not intended to give medical advice either. You are highly encouraged to work with your licensed physician (allopathic/homeopathic/naturopathic) closely if your condition is chronic.


    (Note: Use 100% organic

    • Chamomile Tea: This tea is known by one word: relaxation. Chamomile tea is ideal for diarrhea because it may soothe intestinal inflammation and may prevent stomach spasms. Recommended dosage: 3 cups from prepackaged teas.

    • Cooked cereals: Remember how Mom use to make hot cereal that was so thick that you would dip your spoon into the goo and your spoon would start screaming “Quick Sand! Quick Sand!” This is the same type of consistency you want. You may want to eat rice or tapioca cereal that may promote healing. Skip adding the sugar or salt. They may inflame the condition more. Please avoid using oatmeal due to its high fiber content.

    • Rice: Same as above.


    (Note: Use 100% organic) 

    • Blueberries: These small powerhouses contain the antioxidants called Anthocyanosides. This “army” has properties that may be antibacterial plus the ingredient “tannins” which may fight against diarrhea.

    • Banana: Gentle to digest plus offers nourishing nutrients.

    • Orange Peel: A folk remedy where you place chopped orange peel into a pot and pour boiling 1 pint purged water. Cool by allowing to stand. Sweeten with green stevia or raw honey. This remedy may aid in digestion.

    • Root Vegetables (particularly potatoes and carrots): And no, I don’t mean the favorite fifth food group in America: French Fries. The nutrients in potatoes and carrots may help replenish vital nutrients to your stomach.

    • Yogurt/Kefir: If you can find or even make 100% organic yogurt (non-pasteurized), you will consume the power of probiotics. Probiotics is friendly bacteria which may help renew gut health which your body will need during the bout of diarrhea.

    Now you are equipped with anti-diarrhea protocols, I hope this will help you in your journey to health and healing. Now you have permission to throw a going-away party to the Underwear Fairy.





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