Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Home Remedies For Hair Loss

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  1. As we grow older, some of us lose our hair. Sometimes losing hair means that our health may not be good. Hair loss doesn’t occur to everyone and there are those who wonder why it happens to some and not to others. It is a fact that most of us lose close to 100 hairs each day but after a few months new hair comes in from the same follicle.

    With some men, new hair comes in but it comes in thinner than before. In some cases when the hair falls out, the incoming hair is thinner and the follicle sometimes stops creating new hair.

    Women, like men, sometimes suffer hair loss, especially as they approach menopause. For women, childbirth also brings on hair loss and hair loss also comes from stress, diets and high fever.

    There are several products on the market that claim to regrow hair but in most cases produce minimal results, with side effects that are not good.

    But, there are some easy home remedies for hair loss that may not solve the problem entirely but will help speed the process of hair developing. One way to help increase hair is to eat more chicken, fish or lean protein. This step helps greatly because every cell in your body needs protein-especially hair follicles. If you don’t have enough protein, the cells in your body will not work well and that puts additional strain on your body to produce new hair.

    Another home remedy that will help increase hair on your head is by ensuring that the iron levels in your body are balanced. Food that keeps iron at a good level in your body are cream of wheat, tofu, broccoli, dried fruit and soybeans.

    Still another home remedy is by taking 100 milligrams of B6. Many are not sure why taking B6 works but it seems to keep one’s hair from shedding too much. (Be careful when taking B6; take no more than 100 milligrams. Too much B6 can be harmful, especially when taken over a long period of time.)

    An example of another home remedy for hair loss is red pepper. When red pepper is mixed with water and then applied to certain areas of the scalp it brings on irritation, which causes the release of histamines in the scalp area. Then, the histamines change the cell division and work to encourage the hair follicle production.

    Aloe Vera has been proven to help restore the balance of the pH level of the scalp. It also helps to clean the hair follicles and heal skin that is irritated. When you apply the liquid or gel of Aloe Vera it helps to activate enzymes within the body that work directly to activate hair growth.

    Another natural remedy for hair loss is by adding henna to a conditioner. It has been found that the ingredients in henna help with the healing of the hair follicle and stimulates hair growth.

    Hypnosis may also be effective for some who are suffering from hair loss. Some physicians and others feel that hypnosis works because the process lowers anxiety and reduces stress and when this happens, hair growth begins.

    But before attempting any of the aforementioned hair loss remedies, always check with your physician first and before using any hair loss products, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

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