Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

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  1. What are Hemorrhoids 

    Hemorrhoids are painful, swollen veins in the lower portion of the rectum or anus.The most common cause for this condition is straining during bowel  movements. It is also very common among pregnant women during and right after child birth. Hemorrhoids can also be caused by constipation. If you have suffered from this affliction you know it can be quite uncomfortable as well as painful.


    There are several  typical warning signs; anal pain especially when sitting, bright red blood on tissue paper or stool, pain during bowel movements and one or more hard tender lumps near the anus

    Natural Remedies

    There are several over the counter creams that can reduce swelling and pain like, Preparation H. Home remedies however, are your best bet for easing irritation, there are plenty of  choices. One thing that will help you a great deal with your hemorrhoids is a sitz bath. A sitz bath requires you to immerse  your buttocks and hips in warm water. You can purchase a plastic sitz bath that fits on your toilet at any drug store. Fill sitz bath with water that is very warm, but not so hot that it will burn you.

    Epsom salts or baking soda should be added, or even essential oils such as lavender or juniper to soothe swelling. Soak for at least 20 minutes. A sitz bath will clean affected area, relaxing the sphincter, and increasing blood flow. Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory, it diminishes redness and itching and will calm the tissue. You can either sip a cup of chamomile tea or apply an ointment directly on the hemorrhoids. Moderate exercise like walking is another method you should try to help heal your hemorrhoids. Activity stimulates the bowels and also improves circulation and blood flow to distended vessels. Twenty to thirty minutes a day will suffice. Do not lift weights or over exert yourself;keep it strictly aerobic. Lifting weights could put pressure on the hemorrhoids and only aggravate the problem.

    There are numerous elixir’s you can concoct at home that will help cure the condition naturally. In an eight ounce glass of water mix a half teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, half teaspoon of fresh lime juice, a tablespoon of honey and a half teaspoon of fresh mint leaves. Boiling twenty grams of sesame seeds in water and drinking, it has also been known to conquer hemorrhoids. Your diet plays a huge part in getting rid of and preventing hemorrhoids from coming back.

    Eating a high fiber diet is imperative. Acorn squash, whole grain bread, green leafy vegetables and apples are some foods you absolutely should eat. Staying properly hydrated and drinking at least eight glasses of water per day she also be a part of your daily routine. Chili peppers, red meat, alcohol and coffee should be cut out of your diet. High fat, high protein and items that will dehydrate the body have to be avoided at all costs.    

    Having hemorrhoids is agonizing and embarrassing but it is not a permanent ailment. Stick to these home remedies and your hemorrhoids will be gone in no time.

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