Home Remedies For Herpes

Home Remedies For Herpes

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  1. Painful outbreaks of the herpes virus are a reality which many people must deal with. As it is incurable there is always the chance of a flair up which can lead to weeks of discomfort if it is not treated quickly. Both Type 1 and 2 Herpes respond to the same treatments, which can simplify the curatives you may want to keep on hand. Keeping the area cool and dry allows the area to heal more quickly, but there are ways to speed the healing process. Although prescription medications can reduced the likelihood of symptoms, they tend to be expensive. However, many home remedies are available which can reduce the time and soreness associated with this common illness.

    Once the first tingles of an outbreak make themselves apparent, it is important to begin treating the area affected immediately. Many remedies focus on drying the lesions and cooling the burn, which is typically associated with type 2 Herpes. Pastes can be made from powders such as baking soda or cornstarch. Applying the paste to the area, and allowing it to dry, will draw the infection from the area and help the outbreak to pass more quickly. Some people find this somewhat painful, however, the benefit of a shorter duration for the flair-up may be worth the temporary inconvenience.

    Loose fitting cotton underwear is the best choice during this stage of the cycle. When time allows, a bath in epsom salts can cool the area and help it heal more quickly. A simple option for removing the sting is the tannins from black tea. Take a tea bag of regular black tea and let it steep until it cools. Apply the bag to the affected area for five minutes at a time. For those who experience intense pain, it can be helpful to keep latex gloves available in order to cover the lesions while urinating.

    One option that few people are aware of is a form of honey called Manuka, or Medihoney ™ . This honey is from Australia and has been used in hospitals throughout Australia and Europe to treat viral infections including Herpes. Within trials, it has been found to shorten the signs and symptoms by as much as fifty percent. Although it is not usually available at your local grocery store, Manuka honey can be found through many websites and shipped to your home. Apply the honey directly to the infected area.

    Reducing stress will also help an infection to heal. Not only does stress hamper your bodies natural healing process, stress has been found to be a common instigator for both forms of the virus. Calming teas, including chamomile, may be effective for reducing your anxiety and allowing your body to heal more quickly. Additionally, as the name “fever blister” implies, herpes is often associated with a fever or will show after having a fever. Treat fevers quickly to lesson the likelihood of an occurrence.

    Herpes Type 1 and 2 are common ailments that should not be a cause for embarrassment and stress. Quickly treating the symptoms can allow you to shorten the duration of the lesions. Utilizing the basic concepts of keeping the area cool and dry, when it is not being treated, is the common element for herpes remedies and understanding the process opens the door to discovering which Herpes home remedy will work best for you.

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