Home Remedies For Hot Flashes

Home Remedies For Hot Flashes

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  1. Women are now turning more often towards home remedies for hot flashes. Standard conventional treatment is hormone replacement therapy.  Currently more and more health risks are coming to surface about  this therapy. Women suffer from hot flashes five or six years prior to menstruation cycle ending, and may continue to have them for a few more years afterward.  This is a long time needed for treatments. They safest and easiest approach to alleviate the hot flashes are home remedies.

    There are several home remedies that are available to try to rid yourself of hot flashes. These include herbs, botanicals and foods in your diet.

    Reduce The Temperature

    A lot of elements in hot flashes is heat.  Wear natural fabrics breathe, fits loosely and is light weight. Cotton fabrics are ideal. Cotton allows perspiration to disappear, which cools down your skin faster. Turn on your fan or air conditioner and keep room at a cool comfortable level.

    Herbal Teas

    For ages women have been using to prevent and relieve hot flashes. Herbal teas can be made and then refrigerated to keep cold. Sipping on this cool drink throughout the day will help keep your body hydrated. They now can be purchased in most grocery stores. Try flavors such as camomile, ginseng and mint. They have a delightful flavor and provide a calm and soothing effect for your mind and body.


    Various essential oils contain substances that are like hormones associated to estrogen and are beneficial during menopause. Essential oils go right through the skin. Apply a dab on the fatty parts of the body, this is where hormones are produced and store. It will give you a more direct effect.

    Oils that effect estrogen and balance your hormones:
    cypress, geranium, lavender, neroli, rose, clary sage, Spanish sage and fennel

    Oils to alleviate hot flashes:
    clary sage, lemon, peppermint, grapefruit, lime and orange

    Oils to provide emotional stability:
    chamomile,jasmine, neroli, patchouli and lavender

    Oils for other  specific symptoms:
    Anxiety: ylang and ylang and lavender
    Fatigue: ginger, peppermint and nutmeg
    Irritability: patchouli and cardamom
    Poor Memory: coriander or ginger


    Simply changing your diet to increase estrogen levels by consuming plant substances that contain estrogenic substances not to mention loaded with vitamins. Try adding some of the following into your daily diet:

    Alfalfa, garlic, green beans, wheat, yams, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, corn, apples, beets, olive oil, olives, papaya and oats.

    Apple Vinegar Cider Drink

    Fill one tall glass of cool water. Add in two teaspoons of apple cider  vinegar and stir well. Drink this two or three times per day. If you wish to make it a little bit sweeter add in two teaspoons of honey.

    You can also purchase natural apple cider vinegar tablets at most health stores. Take two tablets each morning. Allow two weeks to see if your hot flashes are gone. If they are not add two more tables in the evening. Try this for another two weeks.


    There are certain foods that you should not consume if you have hot flashes. They consist of the following:

    Any spicy foods that can irritate your stomach and cause inflammation.
    Avoid sugars such as fructose, sucrose and maltose. Candy, jams and jelly are also included.


    Avoid hot drinks. Make sure your drinks are cold. Do not drink caffeinated or carbonated drinks such as coffee and soda. If you need that morning stimulant try green tea or any other tea flavor you desire.

    Night Time Showers

    Before you decided to go to sleep for the night, reduce your body temperature.  Taking a cool shower before sleep will not cure the hot flashes but used with another homemade remedy can possibly decrease the severity and frequency of the hot flashes.

    Deep Breathing

    Many authorities suggest that concentrating on deep breathing throughout the day, actually decreases body temperature and frequency of hot flashes. Periodically sit down in chair or lay down on bed or couch. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Do this for a minute or two each time you feel stressed and or your body temperature heating up.

    Use Your Freezer

    As funny as this may sound it actually has worked on women to relieve hot flashes. When you feel one coming on simply open your freezer. Stand in front of  it and let the cold air consume you. In a few minutes you should feel a lot better.

    Vegetable Juice Mix

    Drinking a glass (3.5 ounce) of this juice mix three times per day will cool down your body system, lower your blood pressure and relieve stress. Added benefit to the juice is it cleans the toxins in your body.

    Please remember that when making juice from fresh fruit it should be drank almost immediately.

    You will need a juicer for this recipe.


    4 stalks of celery
    2 small beets
    2 large carrots
    2 firm tomatoes
    1 medium cucumber
    1 large apple

    Wash and peel fruits and vegetables.
    Do not remove celery leaves.
    Remove core from the apple.
    Pass the ingredients through your juicer and enjoy.


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