Home Remedies For Indigestion

Home Remedies For Indigestion

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  1. Indigestion is an upset stomach, which often causes an uncomfortable and sometimes, burning sensation in the upper abdomen. When you suffer from Indigestion you can have the following symptoms such as bloating, belching, nausea and in some cases, vomiting. 

    Indigestion can be brought on by eating too much, eating too fast, eating foods that have a high fat content, being under stress for a long time or be the result of reflux, also known as GERD. In some cases indigestion can also bring on sweating, shallow breathing and pain that travels from the jaw to the neck and arm.

    Symptoms from indigestion are various and can also include an uncomfortable feeling in the upper abdomen, belching, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, heartburn, nausea and a feeling of bloatedness in the stomach.

    Home remedies for indigestion include using ground cardamom seed that is mixed with ginger, cloves and coriander. Another home remedy for indigestion is to put a small amount of lemon juice or cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it before the meal.

    Still another home remedy is an herbal tea of either mint, raspberry or blackberry. You can also fill a glass with water, add a tablespoon of baking soda to it and then drink it and this mixture can also help. Another home remedy for indigestion is ginger. Lemon juice has also been used with indigestion because it kills nausea. Lemonade is also effective and tastes great, be it summer or winter.

    Another home remedy for indigestion is drinking a cup of ginger tea after meals. This is supposed to help increase better digestion and also help with heartburn and nausea.

    Also, a remedy that has been used for years that is effective and inexpensive is drinking equal parts of baking soda and water in a glass. And, peppermint tea also helps with indigestion and heartburn.

    In addition, a simple and effective way to relieve indigestion is by drinking hot carbonated soda such as ginger ale or Sprite. By drinking these beverages at room temperature—without adding any ice, the acid in the drink will help to elevate some of the excess acids in your stomach and help relieve your indigestion. For the most effective results, sip this beverage slowly and do this as soon as you notice any symptoms of indigestion.

    Grapes are also effective in helping with digestion. And, applying an ice bag over the stomach for 20-30 minutes can also be helpful. Also, a tablespoon of cinnamon water, if taken an hour after a meal and help relieve indigestion and flatulence.

    In addition, a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables can be quite helpful in preventing indigestion. Specifically, eating green vegetables is wonderful and healthy thing to do for for one’s diet, keeps our bowels moving and keeps the inside of the body smooth and clear and free of any unhealthy toxins.

    Fruits, are very helpful in keeping the fiber content of our bodies full, in order to help clear away food that is digested and not needed by the body. In addition, vegetables help to keep our weight down, provide needed vitamins and minerals for our body and also helps with digestion.

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