Home Remedies For Laryngitis

Home Remedies For Laryngitis

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  1. Home Remedies for Laryngitis

    Have you ever lost your voice?  You open your mouth to say something, but your voice is weak and hoarse, if you can produce any voice at all.  You have what’s called Laryngitis.  Sometimes, this is a result of a head cold or flu, a sinus infection or respiratory illness like bronchitis.  Other times, laryngitis is caused by over use of your voice.  Cheering too loud at a concert of game, talking all night with a friend, or even singing too loudly can all cause you to lose your voice.  Luckily, in most cases, laryngitis is not a serious illness and your voice will return after a few days of resting it.  There are, however, some home remedies you can try to both soothe your throat and help you get rid of laryngitis a little faster.

    Drink Up

    Liquids can help keep your throat moist and hydrated.  This is a big help in curing laryngitis.  Just make sure you drink lukewarm liquids and avoid anything that’s too hot or too cold.  For example, avoid Hot Toddies.  This is a popular home remedy, but the alcohol and hot liquid in them can actually dry out your throat.  This can prolong or worsen your laryngitis. 

    Rest Up

    Resting your voice is one of the best things you can do for your laryngitis.  Since one of the most common causes of laryngitis is overuse, it makes sense that resting your voice will help it recover.  Try to avoid situations that would require you talk, shout or sing.  Conversely, try not to whisper.  When you whisper, you actually strain your voice almost as much as when you shout.   If you absolutely have to speak, try to do it in your normal voice, and not a whisper.

    Don’t Gargle

    Gargling can put a strain on your vocal chords almost the same way that whispering does.  Although gargling with salt water is often mentioned as a cure for laryngitis, it has the opposite effect and can prolong the duration of it.


    A long hot shower can fill your head and throat with moist steam.  This steam can help keep your throat hydrated as well as ease some of the soreness.  You can also fill a bowl with hot water, and hold your head over it.  Use a towel draped over your head to lock the steam in.  If you want, you can add essential oils, like lemon or orange.  This makes the mini steam room you’ve created more relaxing and helps soothe your mind as well as your throat.

    Eat Right

    Ginger and garlic are both known to boost your immune system.  This can help you fend off any bacterial or viral reasons for your laryngitis.  Incorporate these into your diet as much as possible.

    See the Doctor

    Although laryngitis usually goes away on its own, there are a few warning signs.  Below is a list of severe symptoms. If you notice these, it would be a good idea to see your doctor.

    1. Difficulty swallowing
    2. Coughing blood
    3. Laryngitis lasts for more than two weeks

    As long as these symptoms don’t appear, take it easy, rest your voice, and drink plenty of liquids.  You’ll be back to talking and singing in no time!

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