Home Remedies For Smelly Feet

Home Remedies For Smelly Feet

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  1. When dealing with foot odor, one of the most uncomfortable moments you can endure is visiting a friend or relative’s home and realizing that you have to remove your shoes. Spending time with friends, you want to be remembered for your great personality or witty humor and not for your smelly feet that require their own air freshener. While the smell may be an inevitable genetic trait, there are ways to combat sour smelling feet and keep noses unaware of your terrible tootsies with proper foot hygiene, cotton socks, and breathable shoes.

    Deodorize and Detoxify – Feet

    Perspiration is the prerequisite for pungent feet and leads to the development of bacteria and fungus. Athlete’s foot is a common fungus that occurs from poor foot hygiene and can cause deep, painful cracks in the soles. These deep cracks can harbor even more bacteria and ultimately more smell. The first step in controlling odor is eliminating bacteria. A great way to cleanse and detoxify feet and cracks in feet is foot soaks. Many of the most effective foot soaks can be crafted from everyday items in your home. Simply combine a cup of Epsom salt in 2 gallons of hot water and add a bag of peppermint tea and a bag of chamomile tea. The salt will help neutralize bacteria, the peppermint tea will serve as a deodorizer and the chamomile will act as a detoxifier. Start with hot water to allow all the ingredients to seep from the tea bags. Once the water has cooled and is tolerable to the touch, place your feet in the foot soak for 15-20 minutes. Repeat this weekly to keep feet healthy, clean and fresh.

    Out with the Old and In with the New

    Dead skin holds in dirt and bacteria much more readily than fresh skin. On the human body, the great amount of dead and callous skin resides on our feet due to the constant wear and tear it endures from everyday walking. Utilizing a pumice stone or callous shaver regularly after shows will help keep skin fresh, new and rid your feet of deep down dirt embedded in calloused skin. Follow each shower with a peppermint lotion to keep the skin soft and help aid in masking any smells later on in the day once the feet begin to perspire.

    Deodorize and Detoxify – Shoes

    Equally guilty at causing unpleasant foot odor are shoes. If you have smelly feet, the shoes that hold them are undoubtedly smelly also. Sprinkle talcum powder in your shoes on a regular basis. This will help absorb moisture and smells. Scented talcum powders are available at most drug stores.


    Variety is the spice of life and the key to fresh feet. Alternating the shoes you wear on a daily basis will allow the moisture in your shoes to evaporate and lose odor. When possible, remove the insoles from your shoes as well for additional ventilation. The same concept applies to socks. Cotton socks are the best types of socks for people with problem feet because they help absorb perspiration. When working out or after a long day on the job, bring an extra pair of socks to change into. Eight to ten hours in the same socks filled with perspiration is a recipe for foul smelling feet.  This will help save your feet from bacteria, your shoes from absorbing smells and your nose  and family members from an unpleasant end-of-the-workday odor.

    Shopping for the Right Shoes

    A stinky foot is aggravated by many factors, one of which is shoes with poor ventilation. Plastic and vinyl shoes force perspiration back onto the foot, causing an unpleasant sauna of foot sweat. Choosing shoes made of leather or canvas allow your foot to sweat and allows the sweat created to evaporate.  The difference is like that of a lake versus a swamp, same setup, but without adequate ventilation, it becomes a putrid mess. Be proactive in your shoe choices and your feet, and nose, will thank you.

    The overall health and care of your feet will determine how successful your efforts are at preventing food odor.  The same diligence made to keep your hands clean and fresh should be applied to overall foot care. While it is easy to forget that feet need maintenance and care, there is a quick reminder waiting for you each and every time you take off your shoe.

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