Home Remedies For Sunburn

Home Remedies For Sunburn

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  1. The suggestions for home remedies for sunburn are almost endless. Some work, and some don’t. Each individual has to try a method and find out which one works best for them. A specific technique that applies to everyone does not exist.

    Treatments for sunburn do not have quick cures. After you have sunburn, the skin is already damaged and will continue to deteriorate for another 12 to 24 hours. Healing will not begin for several days.

    Meanwhile, the most useful methods make it easier to live with the discomfort. The sunburned skin is going to itch and peel and no treatment of any kind will prevent it. It’s part of the healing process. The objective is to minimize the pain and be as comfortable as possible while the process takes its course.

    Keep Affected Areas Cool

    Apply cold compresses to the affected areas. Make a mixture of equal parts of milk and water and use cotton balls to apply. Another formula uses yogurt, turmeric and barley. Some people have had success with one part tomato juice and six parts of buttermilk. Regular tea bags in cold water have a very soothing feeling. For a more concentrated solution, apply sour cream to affected areas. A more complicated mixture involves wheat flour, milk, olive, honey and raw egg white paste.

    Keep the area moist

    Gently spread a lotion on sunburned areas. Aloe vera is well-known to help the skin retain moisture and it also encourages healing. Over-the-counter moisturizers that contain hydrocortisone cream will have longer effects.

    Chamomile brewed in a tea or diluted in warm water is another effective solution. If you prefer something a little more aromatic, try two or three drops of lavender essential oil in one teaspoon of vegetable oil. Another suggestion uses sandalwood paste applied directly to sunburned areas.

    Some vegetables are popular treatments. One method suggests boiling lettuce in water, let it cool, strain and apply with cotton balls. The juices from sliced, raw potatoes or cucumbers are favorite methods. Another effective treatment uses one part vinegar and one part olive oil which is applied and washed off after one hour.

    Continue to use some type of moisturizer while the skin is peeling. This will somewhat relieve the itching and the tendency to worsen the situation by scratching. Use calamine lotion or any other of your favorite moisturizers to relieve itching. Creams that contain Vitamin E, which is recommended by dermatologists, will also help to lessen itching.

    Take frequent cool baths or showers

    Getting into the cool water will remove some of the body heat and provide a soothing comfort. Add one-half cup of oatmeal or baking soda to a cool bath to get a soothing feeling on your skin.

    Vinegar is a popular product. Add one cup of white cider vinegar to a bath.

    Take a pain reliever

    After a sunburn, your body is going to ache. So, in addition to treating your skin, take an anti-inflammatory pain reliever. This could be aspirin or ibuprofen, whichever is your preference.

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