Homeschool Materials That You Will Need

Homeschool Materials That You Will Need

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  1. In the same way that a child needs school supplies each year, your homeschooled child is going to need some supplies as well.  This doesn’t mean that you have to run out and purchase the most expensive curriculum available.  What it does mean is that you will want to have the following “tools” available for them to use so that they will get a high-quality education at home.

    A Library Card

    A library card will not just allow your child access to a lot of great books, it will also allow them access to videos, DVDs, CDs, audio books, reference materials and magazines.  These items can be used in studying a lot of different topics this year. 

    Internet Access

    Make sure that you have Internet access.  This will be beneficial for you since there are so many great lesson plans, worksheets and hands on projects available online.  It will also benefit your child because there are a lot of great learning games available that your child is sure to enjoy playing.  Older children can also utilize the Internet for the research that they do.  Plus, if you want to find a quick answer to a question that your child asks, then all you have to do is “Google it.”  So, you can clearly see that there many great things online.  Once you take note of them you will never want to forego having Internet access again.

    Educational Games

    While your child may enjoy playing learning games online, it is still important to have some board games to play as well.  These will add some variety to your school day while helping your child develop their math and reading skills at the same time.  Try purchasing these from yard sales and thrift shops. 

    Paper And Pencils

    Besides paper and pencils your child will also want pens, crayons and markers to use as well.  Parents may also want a white board and a chalkboard to use too.  This will give your homeschool “room” more of a “classroom” feeling.

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