1. Whenever you are planning to homeschool your children you will need to take into consideration what supplies you are going to need.  It is important to understand that you don’t need to spend a ton of money in order to provide a quality education.  You simply need to be a bit creative in selecting materials that will enrich your child’s learning experience.

    Materials You’ll Want

    You are going to need to have some basic things in order to homeschool your child.  These things include:

    • Paper to write on
    • Pencils and pens to write with
    • Crayons and markers to draw and color with
    • A small whiteboard or chalkboard
    • Fiction and nonfiction books
    • Various games (These will help your children with skills like reading and math.)

    Two of the other things that you should get are:

    • A library card from your local public library will allow you to have access to books, videos, DVDs, CDs, audio books and magazines. These will be helpful as you study a variety of subjects.
    • Internet access will allow you to access free lesson plans, teaching aids, worksheets, projects and learning games.  It can also help you with researching topics and find other fun, oftentimes hands-on, activities to do. 

    Where To Find These Things

    There are lots of places where you can find materials that will make your child’s homeschool day brighter.  Some of the best places to look include:

    • Yard sales
    • Thrift shops
    • Educational stores
    • Online educational stores

    Other Things Worth Considering

    You may wish to provide your children with some classes outside of your home as well.  Art and music appreciation classes are available in most communities.  You may also want to consider drama and dance classes.  However, if you want to do these things at home instead, here is what you should have on hand in order to do so:

    • For art you will want modeling clay, paint and paint brushes
    • For music you will want to obtain musical CDs from different styles and periods or a musical teacher that will teach your child how to play an instrument

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