1. The secret behind the cookie diet is that the cookies are specially created to have protein and other nutrients that make it delicious, while balanced for a diet of fewer calories, such as 1,200 per day. Dr. Sanford Siegal promotes the diet in conjunction with other seemingly junk foods, such as chocolate drinks and other confectionary delights that happen to have healthy aspects to them.

    The other factor to the cookie diet is that not only are they lower calorie, they also contain ingredients that are purported to have an effect on reducing appetite. If you’re on a diet, sometimes the word “diet” alone can be enough to drum up hunger pangs, so the appetite suppressant aspect also has an impact on the potential success of the diet.

    Cutting calories is a proven method for losing weight, and the cookie diet does deliver in that regard by allowing you to feel like you are not on a diet, while still eating foods that place you on a diet. The only downside to this diet is that you cannot simply eat over-the-counter cookies that you might find from Oreo or Chips Ahoy. Instead you will need to focus on having cookies that have either the doctor’s recommended ingredients, or purchase them from the website where the diet is mentioned, which is cookiediet.com.

    The cookies can be expensive, with a two-week supply ranging from $118 to upwards of $130. That already outweighs the price of even Girl Scout cookies! This diet is not a replacement for healthy eating habits and exercise and you should always consult with your doctor before beginning a weight loss regimen.

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