How To Buy A Car On Ebay

How To Buy A Car On Ebay

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  1. EBay has become a huge place that people turn to when looking to buy and sell items of all sorts.  These items can simple household items up to larger and more expensive items such as cars. People use eBay to buy cars because they are exposed to many more options in a wider market than they have locally.  They also have a few more resources available to them.  Buying a car online may not be for everyone but for those who do choose to go this route, a great deal can be found if the process is done right. 

    Set Up an Account

    Before anyone can do anything on eBay, they need to set up an account.  This account will require some personal information such as name, address and phone number.  This account will also require some sort of money account to be linked to it such as a checking account or a credit card.  PayPal is a great resource because it is a way to pay for items or receive payment for items and it is secure to do so.  Almost all eBay users have a PayPal account and some sellers will only accept this as payment. 

    EBay Motors

    Once you log into your account, you need to click onto the eBay Motors link on the top of the homepage.  EBay has a few different divisions set up and the cars for sale are under the Motors link. 

    Begin Your Search

    There are a few different ways to search for cars.  You can do a basic search for a new or used car or you can narrow that search down some.  A search can be done for a specific make and model or a search can be done for a certain type of car.  If you chose the specific make and model search, all of the available cars will come up.  The same will happen for a search done by car type.  A search by car type will typically have a larger selection and this search can be narrowed down. 

    Narrow Down Your Search

    Searches can be narrowed down by many different categories.  These would be things such as year, mileage, engine type, make and distance.  This narrowing down can be done either on the eBay Motors homepage or after the available listings come up.  

    Scroll through the Listings

    There will most likely be many listings that come up.  Scroll through the pages and click on the ones that interest you.  For the listings you are not interested in, just go back to the listings page and continue your search.  Each listing will be loaded with information about the seller and about the car.  The more detailed the listing is, the better your chances will be of having a stress free and successful auction experience.   

    Read Each Auction Thoroughly

    Each auction will be loaded with information.  There are a few key points you need to check out before you decide to continue with the buying process.  Look at the seller’s rating.  The higher the rating, the better the seller has been on eBay.  Read over the comments that were left to see what the other buyer’s experienced with this seller.  Be cautious when doing business with any seller with a low rating. 

    There should be a very detailed description of the car that is for sale.  This should tell you everything you should need to know about this car.  Pay specific attention to any damage that the car may have. 

    Look at the current price.  Some cars will have bids and some cars will not.  Some cars will also have bids but their reserve price will not have been met yet.  A reserve price is the least amount that the seller is willing to accept for the car they have up for sale.  Do some research on the current price of the car.  Compare it to Kelly Blue Book prices to see if there is room for some more bidding because you never want to overbid for a car. 

    Find out the location of the car.  If the car is clear across the country, you may have some troubles getting the car back to your home.  Most sellers will not deliver the car to you and the ones who will, will most likely only do it for a fee.  There are car shipping services available but these will have costs associated with them as well.  If distance would be a problem, be sure to narrow down your search to a distance range you are comfortable with.  If the car is close by, you can also set up a time with the seller to meet up and see the car in person.  This will make the auction description more clear to you. 

    Pay attention to the amount of time left in the auction.  If time is running out on the auction, you may become frazzled and make a bid on something you are not completely comfortable with.  Give yourself enough time to do the necessary research and still feel confident with the bid you are placing. 

    How to pay for the car will be listed in the auction how the seller wants payment.  Most will require a down payment through PayPal within a few days of auction end.  The rest of the money will need to be paid within a certain period of time and this will be listed.  Do not bid on the car if you can not adhere to the terms stated by the seller. 

    Ask Any and All Questions

    Buying a car on eBay is a huge purchase so do not be afraid to ask any questions you have.  How the seller responds to your questions can make or break the deal.  If your questions are not answered, do not hesitate to ask more questions.  

    Place Your Bid

    Once you have done all of your research and know what car you want to put a bid on, go ahead and place your bid.  Since eBay is an auction site, you may be outbid so be sure to check back on your bid often.  Decide on the highest amount of money you are willing to pay and be sure to not go over that amount.  Auctions can lead to bidding wars and can be emotional so try to keep the stress out of the bidding process.  

    After you win the auction, the seller will send you an invoice will all of the information you need to know.  This will tell you what your down payment is and when it is expected, how to pay the rest of the money and where to pick up the car.  Communicate with the seller throughout the checkout process to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

    Buying a car on eBay can be a scary experience unless the proper research and time investment is done.  Know as much before as you can before you place your bid so you feel comfortable and confident when you buy a car.  Keep in touch with the seller and you may be able to bargain for a car and get the best deal.  By knowing a little bit about how the process works will make the eBay car buying experience a pleasant one.

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