How To Change A Car Headlight

How To Change A Car Headlight

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  1. We all know how annoying it is when a car headlight is out. Either you can find time to figure out how to fix it yourself, get a shop to do it for 5x the price it should be, or better yet get a ticket and still end up having to fix it. Seriously, why pay a shop when labor can cost more the $20 dollars an hour when the car headlight bulb will cost less the 5 bucks? Well let me tell you, it’s not that hard! Take it step by step and you’ll be done in no time. There are usually no tool involved and this step by step guide will assist you in replacing most halogen car headlights so let’s get to it!

    Note: If you have a sealed car headlight system these steps will not work for you. If your unsure, any local auto parts store will be able to help you in finding the right replacement headlight for your car.

    Let’s Get To It : Fixing a Car Headlight

    Step 1: First prop the car hood safely open. Stand the long bar up and place it in the open space on the top of the underside of your car hood. Once you know for sure it’s not going anywhere you can safely poke your head in. Look where the burnt out car headlight is, there will be a plug behind it with three wires. Remove this wiring harness. There will either be a clip which will have a clip that needs to be pressed down or a screw cap which, yes has to be unscrewed. Take notice what the wiring is coming out of we’ll need it for the next step!

    Step 2: Where the wiring came out of is the base of the light bulb we are replacing. Firmly remove it, but be careful not to break it, getting glass in your hand is no fun at all!

    Step 3: Time for the new bulb, but be careful not to touch the glass portion of it. Slide it right back in to where the old bulb was. Make sure the bulb is placed all the way into the opening, firmly push it in there until all you see is the base you pulled the old one out from.

    Step 4: Plug the wiring harness back into the the new light plug. Make sure you have the clip engaged or the screw cap back on tight.

    Make sure the bulb is working, and if it is we are good to go! If it isn’t don’t be discouraged, check to make sure the wiring harness is firmly plugged in. If you go through the steps again and still have no luck, you might have gotten a bad bulb. It stinks but it happens and there’s no reason to get frustrated! Congratulations on fixing your first car headlight. You are on your way to learning how to keep up with your cars basic needs. Seriously, why pay a shop when labor can cost more the $20 dollars an hour

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