How to Cut Medical Bills

How to Cut Medical Bills

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  1. How to Cut Medical Bills

    Medical bills have consumed many Americans credit reports.  Healthcare and its cost have affected so many individuals and families.  When dealing with medical bills and expenses, it is important to deal with these sooner rather than later.  Medical bills are one type of debt that has a greater likelihood of being forgiven. 

    Medical Bills, the Process to Elimination

    That hospital bill, where a major surgery was needed, a child’s unexpected medical expenses, the birth of a child, or even just an emergent medical diagnosis can create a financial dilemma.  Here are some steps that can assist with more recent medical debt:

    Step 1   Contact the medical provider such as the hospital or medical office and ask for their medical bill advocate.

    Step 2   Ask for the request process for having a bill forgiven or their charity fund covering the expense.  Explain the circumstance to the medical bill advocate around not being able to pay the bill.

    Step 3   Follow through with the medical bill advocate to assure that the bill has been taken care of and request a copy of or a letter stating that the bill was eliminated. Negotiate the hospital bill.

    Step 4   Repeat the first three steps for all recent medical expenses that are unable to be paid.

    Irreconcilable Medical Bill Costs 

    Due to the large need in the present economy, there may have already been too many request made of the medical provider and they may be unwilling to eliminate the bill.  If this is the case, then follow through with them to set very reasonable payments that are affordable.  Many times a negotiation can still be made if medical provider is presented with partial pay arrangements instead of full elimination. 

    Medical bill costs that have already been turned over to internal or external collection departments can be harder to negotiate than more recent medical bills.  When the medical bill is in the providers internal collection department a request can be done to have it returned to current status and then be requested for elimination or forgiven. 

    Dealing with the internal collection department may mean a more extensive explanation as to why a bill has been neglected for a period of time prior to attempting to make arrangements.  However, the internal collection department is more lenient than external collections. 

    Another way to pay on medical bills is to find some charitable organizations or church affiliations to assist with the medical bills cost.

    Dealing with Medical Bills Collectors

    Dealing with external debt collectors can be very unpleasant.  At this point the medical debt needs to be paid on in any amount that can be afforded.  Generally most debt collectors will not make arrangements, however they do have to account for any payment received.  If even small payments are made it allows the debt to be reported as paid on. 

    Strategies in Dealing with Debt Collectors

    Medical bills is treated as other debt currently with the exception that if it is not delinquent then arrangements or forgiveness of balance can be done.  Here are some simple ways to deal with debt collectors:

    • Don’t allow them to become bullies
    • Collect as much information on account owed
    • Keep track of names and times that collectors call
    • Write and request to not be called and ask for statements
    • After debt is validated insert onto a spreadsheet to keep track of balances owed
    • Set reminders for any pay arrangements made

    These are a few ways to handle debt collectors as they tend to be harassing in nature.  It is unpleasant to owe on a debt, and medical debt is sometimes more personal than other debt.  Attempt to be as objectionable as possible. 

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