How To Get A Free Car

How To Get A Free Car

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  1. How To Get A Free Car

    Whether you can’t afford one, or would simply rather spend your money on something else, everyone would love to get a free car!  We all need a car as a way to get to and from work, run errands, take the kids to school, go to dinner and the movies, and go for joy rides.  A car is also typically the largest expense next to rent or a mortgage.  Wouldn’t it be great to not have that added expense?  You might not think it’s possible to get a car for free, but it is.  Here are a few different ways:

    Win A Car

    Enter various sweepstakes and contests that offer a car as the prize.  Sites such as can allow to find these types of contests.  Search Google for "Car Contest" or "Win A Car" to find contests you can enter.  These types of contests are often sponsored by a company that is trying to selling something, no purchase is necessary to enter and WIN their contests.  Also be on the lookout for local contests, and take the time to fill out and entry form the next time you walk past that shiny new car in the mall!

    Be A Traveling Billboard

    Companies will pay you to drive their or even your own car with their advertising on it.  If you can’t find such an opportunity, make one for yourself!  Approach local small businesses about this advertising opportunity.  Many new businesses are looking for inexpensive ways to advertise.  Sell yourself with an offer they can’t refuse!  Be sure to emphasize how often you will be driving through high traffic areas, allowing as many people as possible to see the mobile ad.

    Get A Car That Has Been Donated

    There are organizations dedicated to helping out families in need by providing donated cars.  People are donated their vehicles every day to help the community, and get tax deductions.  Ask your local church or shelter if they offer these types of programs.  You can also find information on the internet at sites such as

    Get A Company Car

    If you are currently employed inquire about obtaining a company car.  Some companies find giving out cars is a good alternative to a raise or other perks.  Companies lease cars at a discount, so it benefits them AND you to give you a car.

    If you don’t have a job you can look for one that offers a company car as part of their benefits package.  When searching or enter "Company Car" in the keyword search box.  Car dealerships often give employees cars that are for sale to drive as a way to advertise.  You can also ask for a car when in negotiation for a new job.

    Get A Job That Provides You With A Car

    There are a few different jobs that provide you with transportation.  Cab drivers are provided with cabs from the company (although you may not get to use it after your shift is over)  Labor positions such as plumbing and landscaping often have vans or trucks that are used to carry equipment. 


    In short it’s possible, although not probable, to get a car for free.  These are just a few examples that may or may not be right for you. Have fun with these ideas and good luck on your quest to get a car for free!

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