How to get the most out of your wedding hair trial

How to get the most out of your wedding hair trial

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  1. Planning a wedding is tough. Think of the event as a whole to keep the look and feel of the day with all of its elements complementing each other. Your venue, your food choices, your gown and flowers should be cohesive for beautiful flow.

    Once you have a feeling for the look of the day you can tackel the individual venders with a plan. Below is the best plan for getting the most out of your wedding hair trial.

    1. Have your gown picked out and as many details such as wedding colors and your venue secured. These choices help the stylist to understand your style.

    2. As soon as you have as many of these elements figured out book a consultation or trial run. This can be done as soon as you wish.

    3. Arm yourself with what the design world calls tear sheets. Look in hairstyling magazines as well as bridal magazines and tear out the pages. Put these in a folder and keep them with your other bridal information. On the web, surf wedding photographer sites to see real brides and copy images to save. Print and add them to your tear sheets.

    4. At the trial. If you don’t know what your headpiece will be don’t worry. A trial run will help you decide what headpiece to look for to go with the hairstyle you like. If you do have your headpiece bring it to the trial run or a photo of one like yours.

    5. Bring a friend you trust for their honest opinion. Make sure to take plenty of photos. Hopefully the stylist will be willing to do a couple of ideas. A trial is not usually wedding day ready hair. It is a guide and a test. It is also as much for the stylist as it is for you. She needs to get used to your hair and will know what is possible or what she is capable of. If you don’t feel a connection, feel understood or are confidant with the stylist, try another one. Never accept an attitude from a stylist.

    6. Once you are happy, make sure to book your date. Leave enough time for travel, dressing and make-up application if neccessary. Call the salon a couple of months or weeks before to make sure your appointment is secured. Also confirm that your stylist is still there and is on the book for you. If something does come up at least you will have your photos. Get them off your camera and print them out for the wedding morning.

    With these tips in place you will be sure to have a successful wedding hair trial.

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