How to Launch an Engaging Email Marketing Campaign

Today it is a wrong opinion increasingly heard everywhere: the email marketing is no longer effective and dead. Some consider messenger campaigns are the future method of the digital marketing while others are more concerned about targeted advertising in the blind belief that these approaches can fully replace email marketing strategy.

In fact, not many people pay attention to the statistics: according to the Advanis research the cost of email marketing in the U.S. grew from $2.07 billion in 2014 to $3.07 billion in 2019 and 89% of marketers named email the main channel for lead generation. The main problem is that not everyone knows how to create an email campaign the right way and how it can yield positive results. In this article you will discover essential tips on how to use email marketing correctly and not to turn
your newsletter into spam.


  • Personalization and segmentation

Personalization is a powerful mechanism that allows you to insert personal data about a contact into a common letter template. For example, you can address each person by name or refer in a letter to the name of the company in which this person works. Why it is so important? Because it increases customer interest and engagement.

You can send one letter with different dynamic content for men and women, take into account the age of your customers to offer different products (great for companies), pay attention to customer’s region etc.

Customer base segmentation is another personalization tool for emails. Thanks to this method you can send letters on narrow topics only to those customers who can respond to them, send more personalized trigger and bulk emails to different segments. So, the main task of segmentation is to create content that will resonate as much as possible with the identity of your client.

  • AMP technology in emails

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) is a technology developed by independent developers and actively promoted by Google in its search engine since 2018. So, what is it? In short, this is a set of HTML tags backed by JavaScript that help to speed up the loading of web pages or newsletters sent to your subscribers. This technology also greatly expands the functionality of your letters and makes them very flexible and dynamic. On eSputnik blog you can find a good tutorial on how to apply for sending AMP-powered emails within Gmail.  


Pinterest newsletters could be a great example of AMP-powered emails. 

You just need to click on the image inside the newsletter to see its details, author name etc.:

Thanks to AMP newsletter you can get feedback from your clients, organize some polls or tests inside your email, give your recipient the opportunity to control an email frequency by himself.

You can use a limited set of tags and scripts to create AMP. This reduces the functionality and visual appeal of emails, but significantly increases the speed of their loading. In addition, AMP is an open source platform. Therefore, anyone can use accelerated mobile pages for free. 


So why not improve your letters with AMP and take your email campaigns to the higher technological level? The clients will highly appreciate your caring for their comfort and will more likely be interested in the content of your emails.


  • How to avoid spam filters?

Well, it is probably the most exciting issue that is of interest to both beginners and experienced email marketers. There are a lot of different factors causing spam issue for your campaigns: bad-quality contact base, misleading subject line, dubious content of letters, poor email design etc. In any case the first rule says: the better your email quality, the more trust you get from your clients.

Pay attention to the usability of your newsletters, do not reload it with text and don’t you dare mislead your subscribers using clickbaits. Remember: your letter should provide the relevant and useful info, be loaded very fast and contain pleasant design.


Use Double opt-in to exclude inactive addresses from your contact base. It will help you to avoid spam traps (these are special trap addresses which are posted as bait on publicly available resources like forums, dating websites etc. to detect and block spammers). Subscribers cannot be service addresses like sale@, custom@, abuse@, postmaster@, info@, support@, help@, no-replay@, etc. You can also add to this list addresses with top-level domains such as .gov, .edu, .int etc.


So, by following these principles it is possible to improve greatly the quality of your email marketing strategy and understand it indispensable role in the lead generation process. In this case no one will say that email marketing is dead, because every prudent marketer knows how to benefit with. 

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