How to Lose Stomach Fat

How to Lose Stomach Fat

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    Beach season is rapidly approaching and on your first trip to the beach you want to make sure you have a flat stomach. Are doing anything it takes to figure out how to lose your stomach fat with no success? Are you frantically doing a million sit ups every day, and wasting your money on fad diet pills that promise you a flat stomach? The battle of the bulge plagues all of us, you are not alone. 


    The things you are doing now will not rid you of excess stomach fat, that means you do not have to do another sit up if you dont want to and no more wasted cash on dangerous fad diet pills.


    You have to sincerely change the way you think, there is no such thing as spot reduction (losing just stomach fat).  Doing sit ups to lose stomach fat will actually make your stomach look bigger. You are actually building up your abdominal wall underneath the stomach fat,  when you build up your abdominal wall it pushes the stomach fat outward making your belly look larger.  So no more sit ups for now.

    Realize that only a well rounded exercise/cardio and nutrition program will start you on your way to a flat stomach and a healthier you. Once you have found an exercise/cardio and diet program that works for you STICK WITH IT, let that be your mantra.  Visualize yourself with that flat stomach, it’s no picnic losing stomach fat but it’s worth it!  Put a picture of what you want to look like on the refrigerator door and your bathroom mirror to keep you motivated, this works!

    Try to stay away from foods that make your stomach swell or look fat, like foods high in sodium and you may want to consider being checked for a gluten allergy as well more and more people are finding that they are allergic to gluten, it can really make your stomach swell.

    One final tip, I beg of you PLEASE stay off the scale. This can sabotage all of your hard work, measure your progress by how good you feel or how your clothes fit.  You will lose that stomach fat in no time if you stay committed to your plan, keep yourself motivated, and visualize yourself with that nice flat stomach.  See you at the beach

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