How to Make Natural Easter Egg Dyes

How to Make Natural Easter Egg Dyes

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  1. Children like to make and hide Easter eggs.  It is as much of a tradition as Easter bunnies and baskets. Hiding eggs is a thrill for all ages. Most use the traditional artificial plastic eggs. Instead of plastic eggs why not make your own natural egg dyes for the Easter  this year. They may not be as brightly colored as the artificial but just as nice looking.

    You can make natural Easter egg dyes with a variety of food, plants, and flowers. The natural dye is painted on the egg while it boils and after it becomes hard-boiled.  You will have to restrict the number of natural Easter egg dyes depending of the number of eyes on your stove.

    Set the coloring ingredients in the pot of water if you prefer to dye the egg while it is boiling. Be sure the water completely covers the egg. Add a teaspoon of vinegar for deeper colors.  If wait to dye the eggs after they boil, cover them with water, dying ingredients, and a teaspoon of vinegar. Allow them to cool in refrigerator until they are the shade you want. You can use a few ingredient to make natural Easter egg dyes:

    Green: Mix spinach leaves with eggs in boiling water to make a green natural Easter egg dye.

    Pink: Pink is  a favorite color for Easter eggs. Take any of the following ingredients  and add to water and leave overnight in refrigerator: cranberries, cranberry juice, raspberries, beets, pickled beet juice

    Orange: chili powder, paprika, cooked carrots, boiled onion skins will give desired color using cold water.

    Brown: To make a brown natural Easter egg dye,  add one of the following: strong coffee, black walnut shells boiled with eggs,  instant coffee to cold water in refrigerator.

    Red: Big amount of red onions boiled with eggs using the cold water technique. You can add canned cherries in juice, pomegranate juice,  raspberries

    Lavender: Violet blossoms and two teaspoons lemon juice, little amount red onion skins set in boiling water, red wine, hibiscus tea,  red zinger tea, a little amount of purple grape juice

    Violet blue: little amount of red onion skin set in boiling water, red wine, hibiscus tea, violet blossoms

    Blue: canned blueberries or purple grape juice set in water and left in refrigerator, red cabbage leaves added to boiling water

    Take the  eggs out of the water.  Set them in a carton and let dry, If you want them to shine, rub vegetable oil in the egg shells.

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