How to Make the Most Out of Your 140 Character Tweets

How to Make the Most Out of Your 140 Character Tweets

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  1. Long Tweets

    It may seem limiting to only have 140 characters when you are composing your tweets. If you’re anything like me, you want to squeeze as much humor and wisdom as you possible can into that little space without being told your tweet is too long. Here are some tips how to maximize your tweets in order to get your message across without cutting out too much.

    Abbreviate: Abbreviations are great when you are on twitter. Just make sure you’re not annoying about it. A 40 year old man who is established in his field can appear to be a 12 year old girl on twitter if he abbreviates too much. "OMG this artcl is gr8. Ur gonna <3 it!" takes it too far. Try to stay away from the over use of exclamation points if you are abbreviating and attempt to not cut all vowels. Some great words to abbreviate (without losing your online credibility) are:

    "info" in place of "information"
    "dets" in place of "details"
    "&" in place of "and"
    "yest" in place of "yesterday"

    The key is to not overdo it. If you catch yourself replacing "your" (or worse, "you’re") with "ur", rethink your purpose on twitter. Be tasteful, always.

    Link Shorteners: Link shorteners are fantastic. With over 95 million tweets per day, and over 20% of all links being shared online via twitter (what about other social networking sites?), most of those are most likely links to articles, videos, photos, etc. Shorten your links in order to preserve room for your tweets. Popular link shorteners: – This is a great tool because you can customize all of your shortened URLs to make them look less spammy. – Not only can you shorten the URLs, but also you can also track clicks, etc. – Connected to HootSuite, this tool automatically shortens your links and tracks their popularity, and location of clicks. – Trustworthy because it’s from Google which means more people will be likely to click on it.

    Learn Your Twitter Acronyms: Learning that RT means retweet and DM means direct message, as well as the difference between RT, PRT and via @ is definitely important when it comes to tweeting efficiently. Figure out the definitions to the most commonly used twitter acronyms – it’s important to tweeting efficiently.

    One final tip that I would like to add when you are trying to compose your tweets is leave an extra 20 characters off the end so that people can RT you and comment. If you use the total 140 characters, you will not have as much interaction. Shoot for 120 characters or less.

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