How to Overcome Difficulties in Magnesium Oxide Industry?

   At present, the magnesium oxide industry is in a severe condition with massive over-capacity and sluggish market. And then, how to overcome difficulties, transform and upgrade becomes the focused topic in this industry. As the the largest magnesium oxide manufacturer and supplier with best benefit, every particular gesture and behavior of Meishen Technology is concerned by people. In recent, the president of Meishen Technology talked about his opinion about it.

   From a global point of view, the low-end magnesium oxide products are surplus. All of international magnesium oxide manufacturers is cutting down production. As for our domestic situation, the capacity of light burned magnesium oxide nearly excesses several times. And the high end magnesium oxide products depend on the imported for the long time. At present, the external dependence degree is about 40% to 50%.

   In order to speed up to cut the overcapacity, it should give full play to the market mechanism. Some unnecessary preferential policies should be canceled. Some enterprises with larger scale hasnt any privilege except for the preferential principle of added-value with middle and small-sized enterprises. However, there is a number of enterprises enjoy preferential policies in transportation, electric power and other aspects. In this over capacity situation, the goveronment should adjust these policies.

   In our country, there are hundreds of kinds of magnesium oxide products in economic construction. Various of active magnesium oxide are demand in the chloroprene rubber, the fluorous rubber, the adhesive and sealing material. The electric heater need the fused magnesium oxide. When refining steel plate, it need the silicon-steel grade magnesium oxide. The high purity magnesium oxide is often used in the electronic industry, national defense industry and aircraft industry. And the pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide. On analysis, it need regent grade magnesia.

   Meishen Technology always remains dedicated to the special high pure magnesium oxide. The main product includes various sizes of special high purity magnesium oxide. It plays a necessary role in rejection of heat, insulation and inflaming retarding. The magnesium oxide produced from Meishen have the character of high purity, fine particle and narrow distribution of fraction. 

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